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From the ghost land of the easy life.

20 August 2006

i'm bored but i'm crooked like everybody :
Nothing much going on.  I've been watching DVD's instead of tv.  There's nothing on and even the DVD's don't hold all of my attention.  I'm a little spares these days, but I'm trying to focus on the most annoyingly cut up jig saw puzzle I've ever seen.  It'll b cool once I get it together, but for now it's like a rorshack test of my ability to visualize posibilities.  Mostly I'm wrong, but I'm trying.

I can say for certain that i feel strangely renewed since I offically became a divorcee on Thurdsday.  It's nice to know I can win the lottery without being legally compelled to feed someo one else's drug and alcohol dependency.  now let me at the big jackpot.  Or even the 100, 000 jackpot - that pays all my debts and gives me some fun money.  Yea I have jackpot dreams, doesn't everybody?

Time for the top ten:

10) daisy, daisy - harry dacre
9)  bring me to life -evanessence
8)  i'm sorry now - jude
7)  a design for life- manic street preachers
6)  song beneath the song - maria taylor
5)  out of my head - mobile
4)  il mondo - patrizio buanne
3)  it doesn't matter - allison krause
2)  it's beginning to get to me - snow patrol
1)  my outta style is coming back - matthew good band

"My Out Of Style Is Coming Back"

Some days are short
Some days are longer
I sold my skin
I sold the skin that I am in for a plan

My out of style is coming back
I'm bored but I'm excited
Our out of style is coming back
We're bored but we're excited

Some days are more
Some days than others
I'll shed my skin
I'll shed my

My out of style is coming back
I'm bored but I'm excited
Our out of style is coming back
We're bored but we're excited

I tried but it failed me
Like everything that's cool is over my skull
I tried but it failed me
Living only to die dumb

My out of style is coming back
I'm bored but I'm bored but I'm
Our out of style is coming back
I'm bored and I'm crooked like everybody

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 9:28 PM

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