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10 July 2006

you'll learn to love it later :
First I want to applogise to my BFFU. I'm assuming I didn't invite you to my wedding since you didn't answer me. Sorry, I really didn't invite many people. The only out of towner I invited was a girl who invited me to her wedding just for the present. I figured turn about was fair play. I think I knew deep in my heart that things weren't as fabulous as I wanted to pretend at that time and so I left out anyone who would have actually cared. Plus I think we were maybe not talking too much right then. We did have a little period where we lost touch. Thank god that changed.

It's really hot and sweaty these days and trying to sleep from 3-11 or 4-noon is hard, what with my mindless rommates and bass. Kid N's a little freaking trying to get me to sign my lease a month and a half early. He may be worried that he's going to be short a renter, though I have 0 plans to go anywhere. Sure my married friends are talking about getting a townhouse and I can have blah blah blah. I so know talk is cheap and suddenly I'm totally in the phase where I don't plan to move quickly on anything. I moved too fast earlier and it got me entangled with ahead up his ass type who thinks ignoring a problem makes it go away. In this case it made his free sex go away. I really need someone with stamina anyways. But I'm indifferent. I'm looking around and wondering but not seeking. I've done what I can to turn off the potential radar. Not interested in nothing too serious.

I am interested in another barbeque. I have Thursday off and I'm gonna rock the casbah if it doesn't rain. I plan on seeing Pirates of the Carribean Dead Man's Chest, cuz I loved the first one. I did find out the St Laurent cinemas, while low rent and kinda hokey - are 3 dollars a show and I so enjoyed Thank You For Smoking. I've never found Aaron Eckhardt that appealing, but in this movie he was golden. Katie Holmes sex scenes intact (mostly?), she was typically doe eyed and wooden. I'm not sure Suri exists, and given her inability to see report viper/sex kitten - Katies' lack of press maybe related to her lack of skill. Poor Tom Criuise, Scientology may be what started his career success (don't they all say that?) but it also appears to be what sunk his battle ship.

I keep going out to take pictures and not taking them. The weather is prohibitivem since I char in like an hour. I can't really go anywhere and wander around. I've thought about taking pictures from the bus, but the windows are usually filthy and then there's the movement factor. With a moving vehicle it's hard to say that pictures will be clear and capture what you want. In the mean time I'm so enjoying my new DVD burner and I have plans to finish my second book in as many weeks. I got stuck on this http://www.2jdhosting.com/ge/logogame/ last night. I got all but 7, we can do this together if you have any ideas. I didn't know the P, the coffee cup, the :-(, the green/silver orb, the T2, the weird B and the pink circle with 3 blue triangles. Any suggestions?

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