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20 July 2006

there's no way you can be who you sayyou are :
I'm on day 7 of 7. Yeeha. It's been ok, if not down right bearable. Aside from accidentally leaving my tv on and it blaring CTV all night and disturbing Kid E, who was too stupid to figure out I wasn't home and too lazy to turn the tv off. Apparently he told my landlords I was keeping him awake. Hasn't said shit to me, but then again he's not much of the straight up kinda guy. Infact they very much aren't here, my male roommates are all hosers of the spineless, egotistical variety.

On a funny note a self involved guy at work thought I was saying I was interested in him. He was making a crack about listening to people and I said I have a good interest in it and he got all red and said he didn't think he heard me right. SO I explained I have a little interest in listening to other people but it doesn't do me much good. I'm more or less certain I'm not winning any prizes in the chat section. You should have seen them all falling over each other to get et this new little 20 year old chatter. I work with too many sexists. This one guy keeps saying boys are such children. Mind you he's a giant flirt himself. They're all so much weinies.

I get 2 days off. I plan to barbeque and I got a mickey of southern comfort to watch the cat while the landlords are away camping. It's turning into another scorcher so I don't think I'll ne loving the weather but it won't kill me either so I think all in all I will enjoy it. I'm debating getting my new glasses this week or waiting til next week. I do need them but since I'm back to nights the eye strain has been so much less and the eye ache is all gone. I'm almost thinking I don't even need them, but I know I do. I do so wish I was more into living life but the heat makes me want to sleep and stay still and be all rich so I can get whatever stuff I want to. He he he, I seriously need some me time.

I need to get my roots done and have some drinks and some time to do my toe nails. I'd like to do a full petticure, but I'm too lazy to sit in the tub and soak my feet. I'm so boring :) I'm all excited about the impending room change and the removal of glass from my foot and the possible barbeque I'll be having on Saturday - because I can and I love to barbeque even if I make myself the queen of heat stroke doing so. It's the price I pay for being little old evil and selfish barbeque loving me. He he he.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 2:29 PM

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