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18 July 2006

there's no way that i want you to be left behind :
When it's 46 degrees with the humidity I won't turn my computer on.  I'm kind of afraid it'll fry something out on it.  Las tsummer I burnt out 2 ports on my motherboard using it in the heat.  I learned my lesson and do not want more USB connections than I already have.  Mind you recently my computer told me that one of those ports is working again.  Lucky me.
I hvae a DVD burner I am happy with, mostly happy I can pretty much back everything up in one or 2 disks now, instead of 5 or 6.  Now to actually back stuff up :)
I was playing Americam Mcgee's Alice last night.  Stayed up later than I wanted and I was rocking the game.  Of course I'm cheating.  I'm not that interested int learning or beating the game, I just want to run through it as fast as possible.  I'm so not a gamer.  But I never said I was.
I'm waiting for people to notice the secret song.  Course I guess that means people would have to be devoted enought to come peek at the top 10 and wonder what's up.  Of course I think a lot of my readership is me looking at my page from here during the week, trying to see if anyone left a comment.  I do so like the comments :)
I have a bunch of pictures online at Flickr that I took the other day when I was out and about.  There really is nothing like having everyone stare at you because you are taking pictures in the public park by the court house.  I would have taken pictures in the court house, but I kind of get the feeling I would be wrestled to the ground and forcefully prevented from continuing.  I do not have a camera phone so there is no sneaky picture taking on the horizon for me.
I do think it would have been cool to get pictures with the ladies who have helped me spend my 472 dollars getting my divorce.  They are cool ladies.  They are public servants, much as I aspired to be.  It's kind of a neat feeling.  I'm eager with anticipation to get my 31 day notice and my new room.  See Kid E is moving out on the 4th and I get his room.  I'm so excited to have an extra few feet of floor space coming my way.  I can not even begin to explain it.
I already know the new roommate is going to be a PhD student from Texas.  We'll see how that works out.  I've already been told he's really young.  So he's 10 years younger than me, so what?  I'm not an ageist.  I'm really trying not to be, anyways :)
In the meantime I'm tired all the time.  Not sleeping well because of the weather and the heat and the weird hours is hell on the internal clock.  I should be losing a decent amount of weight, because I don't want to eat when it's so hot.  I don't want to cook at all and make out no AC house even hotter.  It's always 5-10 degrees hotter inside there than outside.  It's easy enough to get used to, but then I come to the AC of work for about 9 hours a day and I get spoiled and feel like I'm being deep fried when I get home.
Keep cool and keep bloogging.

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