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14 July 2006

sweet smell of the mystery i recall :
With a few days off and a total inability to sit in front of my computer due to the crushing heat here abouts - it looks kinda like I went MIA. Yesterday, while it was 91 degrees in the shade, we barbequed and had a lazy good time. Before that I ran out and jumped through hoops filing my official divorce request. Here I am 452 dollars later waiting for my little peice of paper that says 31 days from this date you are divorced. It now seems so easy. He he he.

After that hoop jumping I went off to get a new pair of glasses. I found a coolio pair that look a lot like the black ones I have now, only they are lined with zebra stripes on the inside. They have french hinges and so I can get a break from tearing out the hair that have been getting stuck in my regularily hinged glasses of late. Eventually I will be getting more contact lenses and possibly another pair of glasses and I have big dreams, big big dreams. Some of my dreams involve an Ikea platform bed. It's good to want things.

I've been having really weird dreams for a while and I still don't know why. I think the heat has an effect, but I don't think that it could possibly be the sole cause of the weirdness my mind holds. Too much staying up late, watching movies and reading books. Those things all jumble together and make for the freakiest shit you can see inside your head. Part of it is that I'm just not impressed with the whole working for a week straight before I get another day off. At least I get to find out what they're going to do to me schedule wise, today, considering the suckage of the last few weeks. 2.45 today, 4.45 tomorrow and 6 pm start times for the rest of the week. Ewww.

I'm going to get a lot of reading done because there's nothing good on time shift that late, I can't sleep when I get home right after work and I can't watch DVD's because I don't want to be rude and wake anyone up at 2.30. I almost seem like a swell person, but really the fans that need to be on to tame the infernal heat make it hard to hear the tv too, so I can't turn it up loud enought to understand without feeling guilty that I may be bothering someone's sleep. I'm weirdly wired that way.

So after feeding myself a bunch of steak and mushrooms and asparagus I went off to take some movies back and had Dairy Queen. I came back and watched the right player leave BB7 all stars. Then I started watching Titus season 1 and 2 and reading Ashes to Ashes by Tami Hoag. I like Titus, because it's a lot like how it was growing up in my house. I like the books because I don't have to hear them. I do blame the books for re activating my imagination and feeding into the weird dreams. It's a reach I know, but there are parts of my mind that just aren't on when I don't do any reading. I'm all good at having the imagination shut off, it makes me wonder way too much about everything and then there's the planning. I'm getting a new room soon. I'm planning how I think it should be and wondering exactly how everything is going to be. I'm just kinda excited about how there will bo only one noisy wall and not 2. I'll be far enought away from Kid M that I won't be able to hear him. Yeeha.

I've gotta go and get ready for work and such and pretend I'm not living in the Eastern Ontario version of an EZ Bake Oven. It's insane. It makes e wanna die, really. If the humidity would just fuck off I'd be fine, but no such luck.

Keep blogging.
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