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28 July 2006

just imagine you'd come through this door :
It's hard to blog when the main focus of all you life is, well, nothing. I got all the time off sorted out for my foot surgery. I'm kind excited and also immensely grossed out by the idea of having my foot cut open. It'll be nice to have my foot back to something resembling normal. At least after the incision heals and all that.

To astound and frighten you I'm going to tell you about the lame and oh so weir dreams I had last night. Because I watched Big Brother before sleeping, and am fairly outraged at the total lack backstabbing and the lameness of simpering herd doing everything the same way. Yea - it's not much of a show of plotting and scheming as a show of figuring out who they're going to glom onto and vote with this week - because let's face it. We don't see these people talking or strategising or anything really - yet they all psychically vote unitedly to get the key person out. I mean really, not even one vote off this week to make the people wonder. Where's the mind fuck that's supposed to be Big Brother. Anyways, top all that fast forwarding disappointment with a dream about the lamest cd shop where Janelle and James are trying to save Kaysar from being eaten alive by rabid chicken George fans, Why? Because chicken George has a cd out and no one in the entire store can find it. I'm weird. And they're getting dead.

Add to that dreaming about genetically engineering chocolate, chicken and steak together into one weird looking, chocolate coloured KFC-esque snack food. Of course it was dark chocolate so it's good for you and has the iron of red meat and lots of protein and is so good for you. I so don't know where that one came from. Maybe I was really hungry in my dreams? The weather outside is pretty disgusting and all the sweating from going to work then coming back here and all the drastic temperature changes is so no fun. I am however going a little wacky form the bouncy shift syndrome. I really kind of got used to it being a certain way, a certain set of hours, now I'm yo-yoing all over the afternoon. It's kinda fucking with me.

I finally made money off of one of my other rings. I'm seriously thinking of getting the other one back and just keeping it. I was thinking of getting the one that just sold back, I'm not as attached to the remaining one. I am glad it all wen t already. It's going to make partying like I want to before the surgery happen after all. I asked Kid M today to pick me up, he's going to think about it. Things are rolling along and turning out ok. I got my new glasses and 1 person noticed. It's nice. At least one person pays attention to me. He he, I take what i can get :)

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