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03 July 2006

in your room where souls disappear :
I barely slept at all but I do know that Jerk Chicken wings and PC's Blue label chocolate gelato make everything alright. It's been a fast day. I've managed to survive on about 4 hours sleep and even catch the idol boys. I think there are a lot of good voices this time, but I think I'm tired of all the hopefully pathetic renditions of minor love-ish ballads. I'm with groucho Zach here, somebody please rock something.

I'm spending my time reading and trying to sleep. This helping friends out is great, now I'm just a day away from my beloved after noons and I'm so happily anticipating it I can't even begin to tell you how much. I'm pretty happy happy joy joy about the whole not getting up with the roosters and the sun thing. I'm such a night owl I'm not sure how I've managed to make it 10 days doing the before 7 am thing. I haven't gotten up that early consistently since I was in High school. Of course it's much easier for me to get up and get going when I have too. Back then it wall tiring me out.

I was in Future shop the other day and my greedy little materialistic, I have no life of my own heart, was coveting these DVD's something fierce. They had Titus and Buffy on major sale and then there was Civilization 3 for 10 bucks. I'm all so looking forward to going back and getting them. I was trying to get information on my new drug plan. It appears it's the same shit different carrier. However I did stumble across the fomulary that the entire freak show is based on and now I know what I can have for a prescription and how much it's going to cost me. In the meantime I had a run in with a half wit at the Walmart pharmacy. I wanted to strangle her and I would have but it would have been more trouble for me. Long story short I am never again using their pharmacy again. Too much trouble for me and little pay off for an out of the way place to get my prescriptions when I have a pharmacy across the street that isn't going to be a snotty bitch to me.

I'm getting excited about the idea of getting the glass outta my foot. I'll get bored with it soon enough. I have to work some freaky voodoo to get the time off because, apparently I work in the only place where there is no such thing as emergency leave. I'm not coming back for a couple of days because I say so, so we'd better be able to get it worked out. I do know now that my married friend has a stich phobia and if I have stiches and show here it will incite some kind of nervous breakdown. Not looking for it.

In the meantime I go forth to plot barbeque, tourisitng and read another book. I may actually take the Library challenge this year and get a library card. It's going to be interesting to say the least. My next big plans are glasses/contacts and the filing of my divorce application. Yeeha.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 9:07 PM

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