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25 July 2006

dreamed a little dream made my own pretty hate machine :
Been trying to fight off a summer head cold. Some idiots at work have been doing their best to infect everyone and their brother with it. I had a fiesta fabulous do nothing bonus two days off. Managed that by the skin of my teeth and the desperation of someone who wanted to go casinoing in Niagara Falls. I've been away and not posting, mostly because between the weird hours and the working and the game playing (pc games) and movie watching my brain has been kept in the little thinking category for a while. I'm kinda stuck in the current house war of wills, where in I get to be monkey in the middle for power plays and head games. None of it has anything to do with me, yet both sides want me to know what is going on, in detail.

Aside from that I had a scrabbulous time going to the OBGYN. Apparently Centrepointe Drive is situated in one of thos citty planninf bubbles that includes lots of scenery and access for bikes and pedestrains. I'm sure locals know exactly where to find everything there. However, people that never have any reasont to go there will be lost withing seconds due to the total lack of signs telling you anything about the street you are on, or even the number of the building you are near. I was late and pissed, but was still seen quickly. Goody. I also got the STD panel done, because last flung wasn't someone I trust to tell me anything important.

I'm kinda looking forward to getting my new room, though currently I am having an issue deciding which room I want and which one I need. As most people I want the biggest one, as someone soon to be in touch with her deepest inner scrooge, I need the one that saves me the most money. If I was dead set on that I'd stay here but I know I am needing more space and each room increases that by degrees.

So onto the gushing. I insist you see Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. It is hillarious. I LOVE it. I haven't laughed that hard at a movie in a long time. It was part of a 4 pack I got the other day. I got Failure to Launch (crap), Hoodwinked (cute and fun) and Night Watch. I have to reserve judgement on Night Watch because I am still processing it. I'm pretty sure I liked it. I kinda liked the Devil Wears Prada, which I saw in the theatres. If I had to pick from the trifecta of chick flicks I've seen lately (Failure to Launch, The Devil Wears Prada and The Family Stone) I'm not sure I can pick any of them as a particular favourite. I am pissed though, because I lent my DVD Return to Me to my married friends and now it's missing and they're all like we never had it. But => they did. They had that and While You Were Sleeping so I'm now wanting that back like NOW. I'm kinda a big fan of Return to Me, just like I'm a staunch supporter of Prelude to a Kiss, even French Kiss but not many other Meg Ryan movies. I was way worn out on her before Sleepless in Seattle. It was When Harry Met Sally that did me in. I did like that movie, but I don't care for it now.

I have plans to see my Supre Ex Girlfriend and Pirates of the Carribean at some point. They are on my list. My list, these days, is short. I missed A Scanner Darkly at the ByTowne so I have to hope it comes to the Mayfair or St Laurent. Also on my list is getting my new glasses and getting the dates for my surgery actually off. My teamleads are collaborating on doing nothing and blowing me off. With the huge amounts of how everone hates that place => I'm so not finding the fun in working these days. I know I'm just busy busy over thinking things I don't know for certain and can't arguably predict. I wish I could, but you know what they say. If wishes were horses beggars would ride. I'm sure I'll know all I need to soone enough and be whining about something else sooneroonies.

In the mean time I'll wait for How I Met Your Mother to be on DVD, and wish the BB& players would stop being wussies and actually make a move, take a stand and play the frigging game. It's so boring I'm kind of not wanting to even watch. I'm almost talking my slef aout of watching Canadian Idol too because of the same thing. The singers are getting lamer and the critiques are all padded and lame. Seriously, when they should be saying you didn't do a good job they are just going 'shrug' you tried. LAME? Oh yea. I think Dilana may be the next Rockstar, unless maybe Magni can pull it off. The rest are kind of less than stellar and I can't see them fronting a possibly heavy metal band. Zayra has a kinda Bjork quality to her voice, but she's the only other one who has done something that made me really take notice. I guess we'll see.

Keep blogging.
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