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06 July 2006

don't give up the game until your heart stops beating :
I've mucked around a bit and realized the first day I had this up there was like no comments enabled. I fixed that. I haven't changed the name yet. Waiting for genius to strike me. I got my honoured guest. I'm not sure if that will change daily, weekly or ever. A million typos ago I asked for pictures submissions that I would post at the top. Now it's the corner. I'm trying to be more browser friendly but I've been here in IE and it still sux. Have a heart people get Firefox +> http://www.mozilla.com/firefox/

It's a hard shift back to evenings form days and it's only getting worse for next week I do 8.5 from 4.45 pm. Some mofo in where-ever-the-hell-istan that they do scheduling needs to be repeatedly beaten for that one. First of all there is NO 4.45 shift. Never ever has been. Now there is on just for me. Fuckers. Then my married friends are going away for that weekend and they want (well maybe it keeps changing and so I don't even know what the fuck anymore) me to watch their cats. I am so NOT walking to their place at 1.15 am. I'm so just barely able to agree to walk to my place at that time. There is a difference. If I scream here old people will be all what the hell and come looking. If I scream there they will be like, turn off the lights before the cops come for a statement. We have severely nosy neighbours. They have extremely rude neighbours.

It's going to be interesting because at first the possibility was billed as my vacation in the city. So far I don't have any of those days off and I don't really want to be going there at that late hour. I know I have to take care of the animals but geez louise did it turn out to be inconvenient. Now possibly their relative is coming and I won't be necessary. The story changes daily and I'm perplexed and bemused. It's not like losing out on watching a couple of cats and a/c is going to cause a mental breakdown in me. It seems that my friends feel I will be severely disappointed at the loss of this chore. Uh no, but I can't make them understand that it seems.

Aside from ironing out that, it's going to be an uneventful one day weekend this week. I saw Rockstar Supernova and Damn does Tommy Lee look rough. Of all those guys he looks like 20 miles of bad dirt road. EEK. The houseguests in BB7 get 'announced' and the first RSN peeps get flung off so I have things to tape and I have a new DVD burner to install and I have not energy or desire for any of it. I'll blame it on the grey day and the fact that I'm suffering reversal of jet lag. I'm off to be bumping along now.

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