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27 June 2006

you may be right i may be crazy :
Sometimes you hear something about someonw and it changes your perception. It could be something odd and seemingly out of character, but it falls into place and completes the picture of that peron in such a way that they are different for you. Maybe you found the fatal flaw, maybe it was the flake the broke the belief of hidden intelligence and maybe you got hit with the dream crusher of reality. Whomever isn't the perfection you thought, what now?

When the bloom comes off the rose you find out what you are in it all for. For some it's time to skedaddle. I've skedaddled from a few who are what I call black hole people. Suddenly you find out that that dash of egoism has been but a glimps of the life sucking self centeredness that is the person and you run. I do anyways. I can't stand all the me me me me. I didn't like it when I was foinf it and I don't like it when others do it. I kind of like to be heard and paid a little attention. I don't get much out of those black hole people relationships because I'm trying to get to know them and they are so busy sucking everything in that they have nothing to offer. Mostly these people babble uncontrollably about anything but themselves and often it's the same thing repeatedly. Like there's this warning becon and all they can do is repeat the warning over and over. Usually it's endless blah blah blah about something that is so not important to anyone else. Something that doesn't tell you anything much about the person, except maybe they're a fanatic. Fanaticism - always a bad sign.

There's this guy at work who reminds me of DJ from Roseanne. A real sweetheart and he has good hearing. An ever endearing trait. What girl can say she doesn't want to be seen and heard? No girl I know.

It's a blah rainy day. I didn't get hit with the worst of it so I'm tres lucky. More than a few people weren't so lucky and had to sit in their wet wet clothes waiting for work to end. No fun I know. Also no fun is the Bick pickle commercial. I have a vivid imagination and I'd already thought of such things - but to put it on tv where kids can see - kids who get creeped out easily and may or may not have nightmares about aliens in the fridge.

In the meantime I hjave the idols to keep me warm, and damn the guys can sing this year. I like them, almost all. The girls so far, not so sure of. I've gotta go vote, vote, vote for bb7. I want to :)

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 7:51 PM

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