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From the ghost land of the easy life.

17 June 2006

you come pulling all the stops :
Having been a secret girlfriend before I thought I'd write a top 10 about it. I'm being accused of being bad, nothing new. I've never been entitled to my own oppinion and some people thingk the world revolves around them (you're so vain you probably think this post is about you).

Top 10 signs you are a secret

10) You know everthing about their place but they haven't seen yours, don't want to, are suddenly allergic to something only at your house. It's easier to get caught on foreign ground so they will keep you clos to their home and nowhere else.

9) Your S.O. shows little interest in getting to know anything about you. You may tell them but they forget or they tell you lots about themselves but don't ask anything about you.

8) Going out in public means you do not walk together, hold hands or touch in any way shape or form. In public you are the dating equivalent of ugly step sister. There but not acknowledged. At movies you may sit 1 or more seats apart, going to dinner never involeve anything other than pubs, dives and fast food. If you can get them to go out.

7) Meeting people you know may be me with anything from indifference to scorn. If your S.O. is on the fence meeting your friend may be a llowed as they are trying to decide if you are worthy. If they know you're just a dlist, last person on earth player, they will never ever meet anyone woyu know willingly and would die instead of letting you meet anyone they know. If something accidentally occurs they willa ct like they don't know you - you are crazy. Maybe, you only ever accidentally meet the friends and are introduced as either first name or my friend. Highly unlikely.

6) You do not exist if there is another person in the immediate area who is not dead or unconscious.

5) There is actually a setting on the alarm clock just for you. It will coincide with the first available bus before daylight, or there is the take a cab fund.

4) They will always have to get up early and can't sleep with someone else there. Also know as the get outta dodge show. You come, they cum, you gotta go. You do not know their phone number and if you do there are hours during which you are not allowed to call. If you don't, they call you. Usually at a moments notice and you will get flack for not being there on time with a smile.

3) There are no occassions. Gifts are welcomed but never returned. If it even seems you might want to be a permant fixture they will dump you faster than you can say granola. They will come back if they think you've got low enough self esteem, are stupid enough to not know you're just a fuck or if there is no one else they can con.

2) The emphasis is always on them. They do all the talking, make all the decisions, drop you at a moment's notice and accept no blame. Everything is your fault, your problem and often time it's recommended you get a life. You are not allowed to have an oppinion around them, attitudes are frowned on and speaking is generally ignored.

1) Their pet name for you is something like Sparky or Buddy. That way if they happen to slip and mention you, they can easily turn it into a cute pet story and no one will be the wiser.

Some of these things have happened to me, some to friends. It's a sad thing what people will settle for. Guys and girls alike.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 8:34 PM

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