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26 June 2006

yea I'll take you on i'll give it all away :
It's been a slowday in Amberville. Getting ready to go back to work EARLY in th AM. It's a wow moment and I'll be doing it for more than a few weeks if the scheudlers and my married friends have something to say about it. With the yucky thick air today and the fact I walked myself into oblivion the last couple of days, it was nice to just kinda lie around and do jack all day. I saw cars last night and it was cool. I have a deep appreciation of these animated pixar movies. Oh I know they're now Disney and that could be a bad bad thing, but I still like their work. Even if it is terribly nostalgic and flag waving.

In a little way I'm a car girl. AND I like classic cars, so the movie was fun. I think I'm next getting talked into A Tale of 2 Kitties - but this week's a wild week of fluctuating start times, Dr's appointments and free lunches. I'm maxing and relaxing with Canadian Idol. Another summer pleasure. I don't call it guilty, because most of my summer fun is frivolous and then the fall comes and it gets more temperate and I can think again and that's on the waiting list. Right now I go about wondering why it's so nice and why I have to wear so much sun screen I may as well be wearing a flannel shirt. It's just as expensive and uncomfortable as that much sunscreen. I know it's just in my genes, but I kinda want a refund on the whiter than white thing I got going on - just enough of one that I can get my lil ole tan so I can look like the sand at Daytona beach instead of the sand at a white sand beach. Just slightly less blinding and more inviting.

We rocked the barbeque last night. I think that Match Light by Kingsford is the best (yea over priced) stuff to use to make a long lasting, good cooking and flame searing grill tastic outdoor cooking experience. I really love to grill and with being off at nights for a while in the future, I'm going to be able to do that more. Yeeha. Watch out meat department here comes the atack of the grill master steak lover. At least once a month I will grill a little something something with some mushrooms. I think life is good with mushrooms :)

Next up it's Canada Day, where we may venture forth to view fireworks unless we become populace phobes and decide to forgo the bus and bustle and just stay South. Who knows, but it's interesting t have some advance plans. I'm not a set in stone girl by any means but it's nice to have something definite to look forward to. I'm going to get this blog worked out and changed up soon. Watch for it.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 8:24 PM

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