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21 June 2006

we don't doubt, we don't take direction :
It's true I'm a bit of a pop fluff connoisseur. I really like some of the most popular music. From Nelly to Nelly Furtado to the Pussy Cat Dolls and pretty much anything I can hear. I got me an MP3 player and filled it up and put it on Random. Now I can hear my current faves at work and it makes the time fly and it makes work fun. Also it causes chuckles. Where else but in my world would you go from Lucretia My Relfection to Little Moments and then to Rock DJ and Castles in th Sky? Hehehe.

I came upon the Sisters of Mercy a little late. It wasn't until Vision Thing. I had heard Lucretia my Reflection and This Corrosion before but my first Siters album was Vision Thing. I had heard Wayne Hussey of The Mission had been in a few other bands. One was the Cure which I'd known about since the song Boys Don't Cry. Sure I was a Durannie and still know all John Cougar Mellencamps songs by heart, but I had a dark side. One that lamented missing Bauhaus and wasn't too impressed with Love and Rockets. It was the beginning of my 20's and I was all angsty and melancholy and all this rage was making it's way around. Rage is still the main drug of youth these days it seems. And there were The Sisters of Mercy. A band both seemingly political, personal dark and kinda campy in their videos. My kinda band.

They also fit into my whole loving the 'British' bands ongoing phase, where I was all over The Furs, The Cure, The Mission, D2, Paul Young, Depeche Mode, The Petshop Boys, Def Leppard, New Order, The Alarm, The Fixx, U2, Kate Bush, Genesis, Bowie and others too numerous and fleeting like Bros :) I have a love of guitarists as much as anything, but sometimes the words and the music are just right and you fall into it and it becomes a part of you and I still have this Love for the Sisters that isn't eclipsed by time like so many others (NOT the Furs tho). While some bands come and fade and new ones take their place, I still have inexplicable attachment to ohers. My inner goth loves the Sisters. Not because they are really goth - but their videos were all dark clothes and dark hair and sometimes darkness with spotlights. It just makes me wanna get all dark and dressed up and sign along. Maybe I just wanna dye my hair black :)

So I am Indulging in the Sisters. Closely followed by whatever else pops up on shuffle. Of course I'll get my John Mayer too - wouldn't be listening to Brad Paisley otherwise.

Keep blogging.
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