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01 June 2006

save your strength save your wasted time :
I got up and ran out to get groceries. I now have food enought to keep me going and hopefully I won't get freaked out tonight. I know they're going to make me do 2 chats. I know they're waiting for it to get busy to see if I flip out. I know and I worry - cuz failure waits.

Had my 2 days off. I was MIA and somebody called here for me really early yesterday and I wasn't here. It was weird. Really weird. Cuz no one has this number but my doctor's office. AND the caller didn't want to leave a message. And they had my name wrong (which sounds like my doctor's office) I don't recall making an appointment. My my, I have a mystery to figure out. Mind you I sorta don't care - if it was important they would have left a message right? You would think so. You would, but who knows.

It's been shitty hot. The thing about the house here is it's the extreme of whatever the weather is. If it's cold out it's really cold in here, it it's warm out this place is an OVEN. Yeeha. I gotta tell you it's going to be a workaholic summer if the weather keeps up this way - I'll want to be at work just for the AC - so I don't feel ill all the time. It's Just June now and already we're getting slapped around by 40+ degrees of humidity. I so don't need that. I so don't.

I'm not really looking forward to work. I know it's sad that it's not really the kind of job I enjoy and look forward to. It's strictly a pay the bills job - until I can get myself together and actually want something else. I kinda feel like I'm in a nice warm pool of water. It's getting kinda funky but it's still really nice and comfy and I like it. SO I'm in no real hurry. I've switched off the A-type desire for more more more in that field - for now. We'll see how that goes.

Other than feeling yuck cuz of the weather and crap because of the allergies I'm kinda tired from tiring somone else out. ALWAYS catches up with me, just takes a while. I'm going off to enjoy my frootloops and cranberry bran cruch. I'm weird I know.

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