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24 June 2006

maybe next year maybe no go :
I had a full day. I have enough food to feed an army. Plans that aren't half assed and all my laundry is done. I've been busy wondering whyI'm so impatient for things and I've decided it doesn't really matter. What matters is that I know I'm not patient and I have to watch myself and practise that discipline more. That and eat more carrots.

I sweart flirt guy is going to drop dead soon. I'm starting to think the next time I see him will be in the obits, or in the honor frame at his funeral. He's so young and so not doing well. It makes me wonder if he's a product of a life well lived or the casualty of a life lived wrong. It kind of makes me glad the most exciting thing I have to decide is if I'm willing to let someone else bore the shit outta me or if I'll just bore the shit outta myself. I'm not that boring really, but my life is so tame in comparison to some. A real whirlwind of activity and extroversion compared to others I guess. I know my sister would agree.

It's so nice out and I'm happy to have the weekend to frolick and such. I can wait a bit to find out how the forcing of my days off will play out over my schedule for the next few weeks. I'm more interested in what the plastic surgeon has to say about the 3" of glass in my foot. Let's face it it's a few inches I so wanna lose. The other inches arte just falling off, mostly because it's nice and I refuse to sit still and I'm always a little lucky in the summer that way. As much as I hate the heat it sure helps you lose the pounds.

I've gotten all caught up on the 4400. Season One anyways. Onto Season 2 and getting Firefly for 25.00 (possibly). Also busy compulsively voting for my fave BB winners to come back a wreak havoc. I so want Kaysar and Janelle. I can't help it. I'm also voting for James, his shameless self preservation is so my style. The rest I so don't care about. I'm hoping not Ivette or Alison because those girls make me want to die - but hey somebody's gotta love their shrill, scheming and backstabbing ways. I like my bullshit all up front. It's so much easier know ing what you're in for instead of having to guess. Plus I really don't think either of those people played hard, they kinda rode coat tails. Oh and bring back DIANE. She's so hostile. It's like seeing someone on a bender all mobile and working it. I'm so sick :)

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