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02 June 2006

it's meaningless but all that's true :
Yesterday I found out the the NEW yahoo interface doesn't allow ' . If you press that button the fucking thing switches to search and eats your thoughts. Like I need any help getting derailed. I'm really a short form typer => which work is going to be beat out of me so soon it will be sentences poeple. Artfully thought up, eloquently proposed and fully trashed by errant mistypes - sentences. I'm working on a picture post that may piss some peeps off, but hey IF you're reading this y'know I do it for myself.

I'm sitting here eating froot loops straight outta the box. I prefer them that way. They're ok with milk but so much more fun by the handfull. They were on sale at wallyworld, and since I was there yesterday I got some. There was Cap'n Crunch too, and Frosted Flakes and I wanted none of that. I wanted a handfulla cereal deal. Cuz it's hot and I'm lazy.

It's Friday, do you know where your weekend is? I know mine starts tomorrow night with some wings and some chocolate martinis. I really get only Sunday off - then I get the following Saturday. I'm in negotiations to see how the weekend after that will be. I may end up working kinda late, cuz I'm a nice person and I agreed to help my married friends out - of course I could be all evil and insist that the shift change I took to get them the weekend means I get their entire schedule and they take mine. Well we'll see if I even Needed to do that today. I get to do 2 chats today - I'm going to make myself. I'm going to do it while I'm surrounded by people I know. I don't want to jinx myself but my new job so far seems way low stress. It could be a bad thing.

I'm all wondering why they are cutting the grass => again. I think these condo people think this is some sorta golf course or something. I'm also wondering why someone dug up my landlord's planter. Literally Tuesday night someone dug the planter out of the lawn, stole the guys next doors' watering can, and left. Apparently they really needed to pot a big plant. Cheap bastards. My house wishes I was here that night, cuz I'm a light sleeper/night owl and probably would have heard something. Maybe. But do you think I would gone out there and said don't dig up that planter - nope. I would've woken up one of the guys and let them do it. Cuz it's like that y'all. I prefer scaring off the crooks be left to the mens.

I know I'm boring these days but I'm working on something I think is cuute and you'll have to wait. It's easier to write a seven part ALIAS script than to get the pics I need to pull off the thing I'm thinking of writing. In the meantime you all are acquainted with my blogroll to the right. At least go read Pajiba - it's funny and the pics are safe for work, if not the writing. Of yes I DID have to think about the side. As my cab driver found out ht eother day, I don't much know my left from right as I say right instead of left. I mean really - don't tell me you know where you are going if you don't because I need about a minute's warning before I can give factual, no pointing involved directions off the top of my head. Otherwise I'll say right when I mean left.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:40 AM

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