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06 June 2006

i'm finding it's taking forever to sing every breath :
It's going to be a scorcher. The humidity is back to get us today. All this week it's supposed to be rancid with heat and humidity. So sayeth the weather channel. Y'know I really deplore how the weather channel gives and the weather channel taketh away. Just Sunday they were getting all freaky saying rain-no rain-rain-no rain like it was a forecasting war carried on with people looking out different windows. Thing it it was sunny with overcast bits and there was a slight period (like 5 minutes) where there was a bit of spitting dampness. I think they need more local forecasters and less reliance on traffic cams (no I don't know that's how they're forecasting here).

I'm getting into the grrove of chats. I'm a dual chatter and I really love that I get to listen to music there while I chat, so now I want to get an Ipod or some device that holds more songs than I can fit on a cd. Cuz I'm using my mp3 playing portable cd player right now. It's hidden in the bottom of my work bag - cuz it's a shamefull thing to have and show in an aisle dominated by fanboy, anime geeks, political screamers and gadget geeks. I'm like the only person who doesn't have some sort of mp3 player that's smaller than the palm of my hand. Oh well.

I'm working on doing a load of laundry every night this week til I'm done. That will be tonight, I don't generate a lot of laundry all by myself. I'm good that way. I'm currently resisting temptationt o exercise my shopping muscles. I went aroung shopping Sunday and I got sun poisoning - and I'm so not happy to have inherited that from my mom that skin problem. But while I was out I got a new purse, a 6 pack of HIRES rootbeer. THE BEST ROOTBEER Evah. Seriously. And because of that it's so hard to find. It's been years since I had one and on Sunday I had 3. I looked it up and Cadbury doesn't sell it here anymore which is why we can't get it easily. Thankgod for groovy discount chains.

In the meantime I still don't know if Kid E is moving out so I can get a bigger room. Kid M still doesn't seem to have a job and is currently hogging the shower - job interview perhaps? ANd I need to find a ridiculously high SPF to stop the sun poisoning madness. Cuz I do wanna be cute in the summertime and I'd like to get a wee bit of tan. In the meantime I have paperwork to fill out. Lots and lots of it. I have a couple of weeks before I can turn it in but still I want to get it filled out.

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