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07 June 2006

feeling so brand new oh yeah :
I got up EARLY. Went to file my court papers. The divorce has begun. The good news is I don't have to put my address on the papers so my EX can't find out where I am. The bad news is I have to serve him in person. Or I have to get someone else to d o it and then they have to go to the courthouse nad swear to having done it. Now in the small series of emails we've exchanged lately about a mysterious letter from Hydro that has appeared for me - it's been friendly. That doesn't mean we want to see each other. However, according to the lady I talked to all I have to do is give him the paper work and it's all good. So we wouldn't have to talk or anything. I like that. Now to just get him to agree.

Other than that I got a bunch of sunglasses as my other pair, cool as they were - were constantly coming loose and they were not screwed together it was some kind of rachet looking thinmg that was not holding tight. I said fuck it and threw them away. I was supposed to go to Giant Tiger and get some Corona wear and some serious candy for my married friend who's a fiend for bottlecaps and runts. I didn't make it because in nearly 40 minutes of waiting NO BUS CAME. Oh well there's always tomorrow.

I got all my laundry done, put away and I managed to fit in a shower while doing all that runninf around this morning. I feel like my day should be over but I do have to work yet so there's no rest for the wicked yet :) I know I promised deep and meaning ful and hopefully I'll get there before too long. Until then you get filler and basically updates for my BFFU, who is NEVER online anymore. :P

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