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15 June 2006

even if nobody else sings along :
This last week has been kinda stressful. I've been having not fun things happen. Like for instance I fell off a bus today. There was a line of people behind me and no one tried to help or even asked if I was ok. Way to go Ottawans. Way to care for your fellow humans. I had barely taken 2 steps when I tripped again. I friggin' need to learn how to walk. I need a cyborg knee really. One that won't give out and send me flying across the pavement when it's like more than a 4 inches to step down. I then came home and burned the shit out of a pizza by following the cooking istructions to the letter. Go figure.

I've been starting late this week. So I get to watch Starget SG1. My sardonic humour fix of the day. I also got my greedy paws on the NCIS first season and I have plans for a steak this weekend and to see The Lakehouse. Keanu and I will grow old together - he as a puffy idol, me as a fan. I like Keanu and I make no apologies.

I'm hoping the weather stays nice and that I can keep from falling down or falling into traffic or getting pissed off beyond belief at some supid head that I can't get to read basic instructions. Of course it turns out in chats we talk a lot and eat a lot of candy. Which is ok but it's getting kind of sickening as well. If I don't stop myself I may get incredibly sick and gain 300 pounds. Everyone has candy, and if they don't they go to the dollar store and get some. I'm going to get some bubaliscious green apple because we were arguing about the merits of strawberry vs green apple. Green apple won even though I like the strawberry. I like the nasty fake sweet taste of it, because it is just like it was when I was little and used to chew it. Ah, memories.

I think most of my uncontrollable rage these last few days has come from trying to beat that damn Need For Speed Most Wanted Balck Edition game. That I have some sneaking suspicions about a situation I'm in that seem to be panning out on the right end of a bad idea. I never wanted to be a psychic friend and it so sucks when I'm right about something going wrong. In the mean time I can keep going and have my own kinda fun. I am a wild party.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 1:31 PM

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