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09 June 2006

don't even try cuz you can't ignore her :
I have the weirdest dreams. Despite having a realy wopper last week, last night I had the most mind boggling one. Not only was I living in the same house as my psychotic brother in law, but he was in some sort of social rehab program that had him tailoring and doing cross stitch. I have no idea why my weirdest dreams always take place in super large houses with dark wood. This one was full of dark wood accents, doilies, and the walls were all covered in this wallpaper that was terracotta with little blue and whit flowers. Walpaper from nowhere I know. I was actually more fascintated by the wallpaper then anything else.

Pierce Brosnan was my brother in law's shrink/parole officer. As part of the agreement I had to watch him to make sure he was abiding to the terms of his punishment. We're not talking 2 way mirror or surveillance. I had to live in the same house with him. He didn't seem to know I was there, but I wasn't allowed to make sudden movements lest he notice me. At some point I ran int Heidi Klum, who was running a hair salon with Seal and their kids. She decided to help me find the perfect shampoo to help with my oily hair. I was ecstatic because she seemed to know what she was talking about.

I'll never understand why there were babies all over in that dream. Simply everywhere was a diaper clad infant. Pierce had one, Heidi had one. She wanted to give it to me and I was like no thanks, I'm fine. Like it was pizza or cola and not a baby. The thought crossed my mind that babies = death. Everytime I dream about diaper clad mini persons someone is hospitalized or dies. Mind you I don't know Heidi Klum personally so I'm not sure if it means someone I know or someone I know of - will fall prey to the baby dream curse. It's kinda interesting to wonder about but I'm far more interested in creating a new work cd.

I get to listen to music at work, which means I get soemthing to keep me sane whilst chatting to people who think we're the psychic tech network, who can't read or follow directions and who, sometimes, really want to TELL you you're stupid and suck and are wasting their time. Thing is if your hardware isn't working call the maker, we can do nothing for your 3rd firewall/airport router/BMW. Seriously. The nerve of some people's children.

Of course with the rain comes the blight of the full moon early. All the crazies come out for the full moon and they are already here. It means that with hte weather and the full moon and the weekend we'll be full nuts and committable by Wednesday next week. Oh joy. Pray for me.

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