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29 June 2006

but for the times I took a wrong turn unafraid i might have missed it all :
Yesterday I saw a very metrosexual doctor. Not say he wasn't good looking or cute. He was both, but affectedly so. As pretty as his carefully tousled hair and spotless office was, it was cold and calculated and did little to put me at ease. It doesn't help when 90% of the conversation is about how unfortunate it is that you got shuffled and that there's nothing in my foot at all. Seemingly in a bout of dejected why me ism he confessed he wouldn't do the surgery either except I had already bounced through 3 other doctors to land in his office. He was careful to let me know that it would be a nasty surgery with little reward and that it was a trivial thing so I wasn't getting in anytime soon. I go 10 August. Soon enough for me.

I always wonder, when I meet people like the good doctor, if he's aware he's a drama king. Aside from the carefully cultivated exterior and the false friendliness beats the heart of a man waiting to panic. Which he did while I was there. He couldn't find the suture removal kits. His secretary, a snapped woman who had a tedious exchange with my roommates the day before trying to confirm my appointment, blew him off with a 'they're where they're supposed to be'. Not before he frantically circled the entire office and went randomly through a closet searching. I don't blame her. Drama kings are tiring. Aside from being selfish they tend to be so ego centric that what you may or may not have to contribute gets washed away by the barrage of their bravado. I can take boasting, I've won my share of pissing contests too. I can't take competitve talkers who must out situation you and strive to find a way to prove their importance and self worth above anything else.

If you can see them coming drama kings are best to avoid. If you have to engage in conversation then minimize and shrug. It doens't give them the impression you are weak minded or indecisive - it gives them the ability to do what they will any how -> decide for you. Drama kings love power and if you take it away you are evil incarnate and most likely to be accused of brutalising their ego or being a drama queen. By giving them an opening to take control of the situation and tell you what they (think they) know about you and your situation you are simply saving yourself a lot of time and frustration. First they won't listen to you anyways and secondly the more you say the more likely it is they will turn on you for taking away their opportunity to speak and rule the moment.

Of course there are sneaky drama kings as well as overblown ones. Some are easy to spot and it's easy to manouver around them. Others lie about their dram kingness and - even though you see glimpses - the full act doesn't come out all at one time until they are sure that they have the upper hand. Some drama kings have learned that having the upper hand on someone takes more than being themselves - for they are soon found out to be obnoxious killjoy blowhards who profess their fabulousless too much while cultivating exactly none of what they profess. Everyone likes to toot their own horn, but the constant bragging of the drama king - is always exaggerated and defensive and beyond self serving. Now a surgeon doesn't have to acrtually brag, he IS a SURGEON. He lets the puffy egoness shine with the contrived display of wealth and stature and fabulousness. This guy had a splashy office. He wore splashy clothes and even his eye glasses were designer and he had them arranged so that you couldn't help but notice them. That's the bottom line. You have to notice the drama king. Withou the attention they wither and fade, and thank god for that.

Understanding I was with a dram king cut my visit to 15 minutes. He asked if it hurt and I hemmed and hawed and he told me I was obviously in a lot of pain, which is also why he decided to do the operation. Really? Cuz I thought I was so unconvincingly portraying someone who had an insurance scam on her mind and was milking a sliver for all it was worth. Seriously downplayed the whole thing. And I did good. I'm getting the damn thing done. And that drama king will never know I know he hates the idea of spending any time in the OR that doesn't involve making someone else to worship him (he's a plastic surgeon people). He will never know I know he hates wearing scrubs because his designer clothes are covered up. I know, I know the type too well. He has a trophy wife and strategically placed baby picture to show how he has it all. He doesn't feel it though. You can see it in his empty eyes.

Keep blogging.
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