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From the ghost land of the easy life.

27 May 2006

who knows maybe our luck will change :
I begged and wheedled and managed to get off work a half hour early. I owe someone a cookie now :) I went to hang with my married friends. Of course I was early and madcap bizzaro hilarity ensued where she wasn't home and I searched the building for her only to find her and her married friends waiting in the lobby for me. We palyed canasta and drank rum and coke and they smoked like chimneys. I met a young python, 2 new cats and a big baby dog. Since I've met my married friends I have spent the occassional night on their couch after we hang out, stay up way too late (for them) and eat drink and head bang. He doesn't drink, so mostly I'm entertainment for her while he games/cartoons or whatever.

Sometimes we play Mario Party, and I lose ungraciously. I try to be a good sport but it would be nice to have a chance => which I don't and I know it. I've been tapped to house sit in July. SO it's kinda like a mini vacay, where in I don't leave town and I don't have to see my roommates or anyone else I don't want to. I can pretend I live alone for 3 days, which is probably NOT what I want to be doing seeing as I don't live alone and really need to keep in the good renters book. References are everything.

In the mean time I had the blessing of the fan in the window all night and it's cool in here now. Well not for long cuz the computer tends to heat things up, but cool enough I didn't wake up feeling ill. ALWAYS a good thing. Day three of five, and I hope I can talk mostly to people who can read and who don't rely on I DON'T KNOW as the rosetta stone of their existance. OMG I can't tell you how DUMB I feel after trying to help someone like that. It's unreal, I mean how did you survive this long if you REALY don't know. Seriously this makes Darwinism look wrong.

On the other hand I may see my sister next week. If she can make it to town that is. It sometimes never works out. We'll see. Somethings you have to say to make real, so I can say it'd be fun to see her. Because my family in small doses is always a laugh riot. It's after a while that the vitriol poisoning sets in. So we don't spend LARGE amounts of time together. Yay! Besides there are people I'd rather get to know, as I pretty much have my family down as people go. But then again I'm such the weirdo. I made fast friends last night at canasta by not being afraid of dirty talk at the table, satying Bite Me and being unphased by rampant PDA's. Don't even want to go into the guy who basically dropped his groceries to talk to me as I was going to work. That'll teach me to smile.

I'm gearing up for some straight talking, straight shooting. Sometimes I'm mellow and I don't care. Other times I get the nerve on and I make bold incisive decisions that fuck with my little universe. Cuz I'm a freak, and I can't leave well enough alone and I shoulda been a tabloid reporter because I NEED to KNOW. I have the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How down pat. And I was missed last night. My BFFU called and I wasn't here and I don't know where she called from, our place doesn't have call display. But I'll be home tonight Lins, after 10. I swear. Call me :)

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