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22 May 2006

my god my tourniquet return to me salvation :
Today's a stretch by any sense of the word.  It's a holiday which means I have to be here, like I had to be here yesterday.  If I'm not I don't get my double time and a half, which makes it all worthwhile.  And did I mention I'm getting a 36 cent raise.  I rock, but I'm unrated ???

It's another not sunny day here.  It's rainy and really windy.  It's not happy, but tomorrow it's supposed to be nice.  I gloat because I may finally be getting a nice day off :)  Yeeha.

I'm well slept and this refrain from Tourniquet by Evanessence keeps running through my head.  It's battling with Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars and then Prince comes in with  Purple Rain bit every hour or so.  It's the best way to get around the blah Monday, blah working, blah silly people - syndrome.  It's keeping things inteesting as Kene slips in there now and again with Somewhere Only We Know.  Head's in overdrive as my stereo dies a slow death.  It started crackling today, while getting barely throught song 4 and 5 on a disk.  I did that yesterday but it was on song 12-13 instead.  This doesn't bode well for me and my panasonic.

I know it's not the disk, I have a DVD player that can double as a stereo in a pinch, and it works fine ith there - but the player has it's own issues.  Ah to be rich and not buy stuff from pawn shops and the morally bankrupt :)  Technically this is at work blogging, but I'm emailing it in and I can do that at work.  It's all we can really do, but we aren't supposed to do it on a call - like that stops anyone right?  In their quest to keep us bored and working they have at times turned off the ability to read blogs and blogger comments.  Currently most of these things work, so I'm able to keep up a bit better.

I'm gonna work on my blogroll and my pages again, I may have some good changes to entertain all soon.  until then, keep blogging.

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