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04 May 2006

in a world that's ugly and a lie it's hard to even want to try :
Yesterday I pulled a total girlie girl move. I got to work and someone was sitting in 'myseat'. I pitched a gigantic fit for 15-20 minutes and got the seat back. I was horrified at myself while I did it, but it was a successful campaign and I got what I wanted. I'm kind of ashamed but it's not like the guy didn't know I always sit there. It's the 3rd time I've strong armed someone with crazy chickness to get that seat and it's wearing thin. But I'm so not into change - how will I flirt with flirt guy if I can't see him? It's the little things I don't want to be without, like my buddies in billing and proximity to all the bathrooms. No one understands that :)

So the sun is shining and there is an entire day off for me tomorrow. I'm excited but already feeling worn out => way too much to do and so little time/energy/lazy time. I want to get my hair done and hit the highlander, but I also have to go totally across town for to fill some perscriptions and then I have to be back around here by 4:30 to pick up the party people and determine if a) there is actually going to be a party or not and b) where we are going to go. Someone's got insomnia and it can be a real party killer, but hopefully margaritas will rule.

Since I totally face the prospect of losing my seat again I got prepared yesterday and emailed myself the really important things I'd need to get by elsewhere. I'm totally giving up on needing to sit there because as soon as I think I've got it made someone comes a long and takes it over and makes it not worthwhile. People are gross, and if you don't believe me go into a woman's bathroom sometimes. Ladies rooms are some of the most disgusting places ever, especailly at work.

Aside from all that I'm enjoying tv land. I think JJ Abrams is getting predictable, felt that whole fox in the hen house thing coming. I was also pretty sure they'd clone Sidney in Alias because of the title There is Only One Sidney Bristow. Clues galore. Of course I was sad to see Nadia go, what a sucky thing => to finally get back on the show and get killed, ouch! Since I LOVE Denny on Grey's Anatomy I'm afraid they're killing him off. I don't care about the love triangle, I just love the character. I'm also thinking that all this final 3 episodes BS sounds too much like all these shows are getting cancelled not just breaking for the season. Some of them really are but I know ER will be back and it's kinda really boring. So will Lost, and I hope it picks up the pace a bit because waiting to the end of the season for action doesn't give me much incentive to watch. Other things are up in the air but most of the cute boy shows will be back so there will be something to 'watch' :)

That's all the interesting things I have for right now. I'm feeling better and that's a good thing. I'm getting over myself with the help of tune therapy. SICK OF MYSELF by Matthew Sweet and a host of other goodies. When in doubt, sing it out:)

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