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17 May 2006

in a little while i'll be there :

I wanted to make this my new icon. Blogger won't let me cuz it's too good, and too big. Bastiges. I'm running late, no time to ramble so I'm gonna save this and come back tonight and finish it. This should be a .gif but it didn't upload like that, so if you wanna see the postal kittie email me and I'll pass it on. Got it for Mental Health Day :)


So I'm back with the random stuff in my head.

Like why are you wearing heels and using a cane? Not one of those adjustable canes and all, one made for someone not wearing heels when they've already got some problem that requires a cane.

Why does it always rain, why is it raining like there's no drought anywhere else? I'm kinda tired of rain. I've never lived in BC but I think I have a grip on it since SouthEastern Ontario became rain central. It's not just this year, it's like every year. It's now that I miss the prairies most.

I got my eyes tested and the doc put that gluey stuff in my eyes and then wanted to check the pressure. SO he tells me no to look at it and of course I do what he says which makes me freak out about it so I keep pulling away. He wasn't happy, even tried holding my eye open for me. Note to Self => next time just look at it and it won't freak you out.

I got my other blog up and screwed with and I like it enough I may repost the link once I get some stuff up there. I'm working on it and we'll see.

I want to go shopping tomorrow and get cute clothes. I know I probably won't even wear most of them. But I saw and I want and I have to work so I'd have to run out and get them early and I'm not even in bed now and I make excuses in run on sentences eh?

I made flirt guy blush today, but kinda of invading his space. Not on purpose I was coming around the corner and he turned into my direction and he kinda blushed and backed up. Lil ole me - so intimidating :)

I'm sad that Invasion is cancelled. I really like Tom and his wafflinf good/evilness. Didn't really care for anyone else but I like his charcter. I like the actor too, whatever his name is cuz it escapes me. I'm now going to watch the end of the Amazing Race and eat some fries and yogurt.

Keep blogging.
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