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06 May 2006

i wish i was going too :
Post 300 came and went. Welcome to post 302. Sounds like a business stream class in highschool doesn't it? Yesterday I took my ring money and got a semi whole new me. I went BLONDEr and got a funky spiky cut to go with it and spent most of the day marvelling about how I didn't much look like me. I spent too much money as I got some earrings, some pants and then some lobsteritas and a a rel lobster to celebrate my positive life change. My married friend was less than thrilled. I got the basic the hair looks great, but I can tell I was wearing thin with her. Since she has insomnia I'll cut her some slack but it wasn't the funnest thing I could have done. I start a six day stretch today and it's pouring rain out. What a way to go eh?

The Kids are alright. It seems they made it back to town in one piece from their trip to wherever. I was never really told where they were going and so I don't remember if I ever heard where it was. Now we're one big selfishly dysfunctional and non communicative family again. I miss having a girlfriend to talk to. I have no one to blather about flirt guy to, since I'm SURE he's actually interested in me. We're doing the information dance and I guess he's trying to figure out if I'd be worth it. I hope he decided yes, but over that i have no control so I'm just going to go to work and be and flirt and hope and think WOW and such.

I've got some templates to play with that, by the end of next weekend could be quietly living here instead of what I do have now. We'll see. I make no promises, I don't like breaking them :) Other than that I was positively run off my feet yesterday and I really need to know why the days off are more frantic than days on?? Oh and I need to know why when I'm happier the people are dumber and less fun to work with too?? I read Sass tallking about quitting tech support and how it's so great and the thing is IF I do that I'm like headed for a stellar food service career in fast food or a coffee house, where there's little need for me to speak/read/write French. I do none of that. I'm really starting to feel like I should just take the hell off somewhere else, since Ottawa's kinda dead end in the job spectrum. But then again I have no where to go and no real desire to sell all my stuff to go there.

Ah being the crazy impulsive just do it type really leaves me wanting to just have a bit of a need to put down roots and stay put and see what long term happens. I've counted. I have more than 2 addresses for evey year I've been alive, and at that rate I'll be having to live to 100 to make it like 1 address for every three-five years I've been here. I move alot, but not always is there a changing of the job involved. Of course I blame it on boring easily. I always want to be feeling a little challenged. As much as I rally against change I am also the biggest catalyst for it in my own life. I guess that's why I don't like having people change things on me or for me. Me doing change is A OK but having change forced upon me is not that great. I'm so wierd. I've learned to love adversity by bringing it to myself.

Sot here will be a mental furball tomorrow and maybe a oicture of my new hair. After all waht fun is any of this if I can't share right? Kepp blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:13 AM

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