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10 May 2006

and the songbirds keep singing like they know the score :
Note to self : no more McDonalds, EVER. I had a craving last night after work. I borrowed a dollar and headed over to rotten ronnies, via the you're gorggeous guy and his car. Not that I couldn't have walked but it's rare I get to go anywhere by car so I let him drive me. So 15 seconds later we're in the parking lot. I knew about the value meal. I had no ide3a it had replaced the day of the week meal deal. I actually went and said I can't believe I'm paying the same price for less food. The worker looked at me like I spit on her. But it's true. For $4.27 I used to get a real McChicken, medium fries and a drink. Now you get a mini McChicken and a small fries. Incase you're new here, this is the huge overshare part +> I wanted one. I think it's because fast food is my favourite form of colonic.

Yes another I didn't really sleep night and I'm trying to deprogram myslef from thinking of the flirt guy. I'm trying to focus on the others who flirt and compliment. If I get too fixated things seem to fall through. Plus it's not like I plan on doing anything about it, so if he doesn't suit up and make a move this will just fade away. Whatever it is, and it's something. I just can't pinpoint what. I maybe just the weather and my imagination. Since I have no back up on this tip, I can't get a second oppinion on what's what. Life in a call centre, mostly people only pay attention to themselves.

I'm kind of getting closer to my weekend. 2 more days of forrest gumps and loss of IQ and I'm done. I have to stop ducking out early, it comes right off my cheques and there's no need for me to be short just because I'm incredibly impatient and can't bare to be there longer than I need to. I should never have been told anything under 15 minutes doesn't affect me. It's just the wrong info to give me when I'm ready to shriek like a banshee and verbally go postal on some helpless, maybe rude, never listening caller. Technically I'm spoiled as there are people who have to talk to them 7 straight days in a row, but I'm feeling abused. I need a mental recharge a lot faster than that. Especially when I'm sleeping oddly +> even if that is my own fault :)

So the sun is out and the birds are singing and I'm going to work 9again) and I'm going to play nice, not be vicious, repent I was vicious yesterday, and try not to look too much like I'stalking flirt guy. Cuz y'know, I neeed my smile fix.

Keep blogging.

PS does anyone know why the template at my other blog looks like that? It's not supposed to and I want to fix it but don't know how. Any help/suggestions?
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:40 AM

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