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03 April 2006

we're boss at denial best at forget :
Today I joined a gym. I've been talking about it for a while now and I did it. It's a circuit training gym. They want you to do 2 circuits at least but yu can do as much as you like. With walking added in I'm going to be getting a decent workout. Which will help me get to my size 16 goals faster. I'm thinking I'll hit it this year. Which all in all is good considering I seriously started this weightloss plan in September last year when I was size 24-26. Now I'm a 20-22 and if I get down to 16 it'll be the smallest I've been in memory. I don't count when I was a kid because it's not fair, I was in single digits and went from there to a 38 pretty fast. It happens when your family encourages eating as a coping mechanism.

To treat myself I went and got some Bolthouse Farms juices. I'm gulping down the Valencia Orange as we speak, because it's so yum! I tried it because
said it was so good, and the similar stuff I got from the Women's International Show was so good I wanted more. At least I'm getting veggies and fruit into my diet. So I'm not going to bore you with the eensie details of the gym. It's close and cost effective and I'm so looking to get out of my rut before losing weight turns into gaining it back from lack of change in lifestyle. I know eventually my body will get used to the activity and will compensate and I'll put the weight I've lost back on. Or I'll hit stress and eat myself into oblivion. Old habits die harder then any horror movie villain.

I'm going to go see Ice Age 2 today or tomorrow, because my BFFU says it's hillarious and I love hillarious. I made Kid E mad yesterday because I was having a ball watching the Replacements (SO funny) and clapping and cheering - I get into it ok? He came and asked me to stop clapping and cheering because he's trying to work. Whatever. I'm trying to sleep every morning at 7 when you start singing along to your loud radio. Doesn't stop you one bit. No matter what I say/ask. Guy's got balls, hopefully he thinks next time he wakes me up in the morning and turns the stereo down or doesn't sing along.

Also be wanted to borrow a game off me, it was supposed to be a swap for one of his games. Now he has my games and I haven't got the game from him. Nice eh? Kid M is missing. I guess he quit his other job and has gone on vacay. Poor Kid E misses him so that when I came home from work last night he ran down to see if it was Kid M then sulked his way back upstairs finding out it was only me. I'm going to have to get a shirt that says I am NOT with a blank space that is plastic covered so I can wrote the appropriate name there. I think it's a cool/snarkalicious way to underline that the inhernent disappointment at seeing me is not fun for me either.

Keep blogging and wish me sunshine.

PS I JUST noticed I have an RSS reader. Hi there, thanks for reading :) Sorry I'm not always RSS friendly, but it gives you a reason to come by and take a look right?
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