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25 April 2006

well listen now hear what i say :
I'm 5 posts away from 300. I'm kinda impressed since I'm not a stick with it type, I tend to start to let stuff slide after a while => as new stuff becomes important. Sticking with the blog is important tot me because I actually like the formet and the idea people can look at it. I also like the comments and finding other bloggers to read. But it's been raining for days and even though deep thoughts keep occuring to me, I can't seem to capture them and get them here for others to read. So aimless ramblings of nothing much ensue. I'm making a plan, so stick with me.

I got up all ready to take a shower, but Kid M (who leaves today) decicded that even though he has like all the time in the world to groom, he's going to take over the bathroom for about 45 minutes now. Rat bastard. I take like a 5-10 minute shower and as soon as heard I was up he ran in there and hasn't come out. I hope his plane crashes and he's the only casualty. I've got PMS so it doesn't count, the bad intent.

I'm glad he's going to be going away because this month he took off has been tiring. He's always around like lord of the house (and he's just brother in law of the lord) being jerky and selfish and annoying. I wonder if he thinks the same about me, but I can't find the energy to care. He's I've accepted that he is just one of those people I have no interest in getting to know, he's about as interesting as a raindrop and seemingly as deep. His conversations are always condescending tones and lately he's being more sexual => I so don't care he nairs his balls. Honestly the more he talks like that the gayer I think he is. It would explain a lot of things. Overcompensating mucho.

Anyways since I really have nothing NICE to say I should just shut up. I'll try to get some interesting things lined up, typed up and posted. Keep blogging.
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