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20 April 2006

that i would be good whether with or with out you :
I'm tripping watching Alias's 2 hour epsiode. It's so camp and I just love Irina. I think Lena Olin is supreme. It's such a fun show, I totally don't get into the drama aspect, I'm all kitsch and gadgets. That's what I watch for. Maybe I make the show way more sardonic then it is, but it's why I've made the effort to watch it at all. And EVERYONE is back. It should be a rip roaring few final episodes. Now I'll have to get the box sets.

I got up early and went and got a super huge hot chocolate and a few donuts and some new shirts. I need shirts, now I have a batch. Next I'll be getting pants. I'm kinda all up on the new clothes deal - because I'm losing weight and also because keeping my clothes indefinitely isn't as appealing to me as it once was. I'm suddenly quite obsessed with getting rid off all the stuff I do own for pants and tops, and getting all new stuff. I've never really wanted to do that before => being that I'm ususally VERY attached to my clothes, as if I may never have other garments to wear ever, attached.

It's the last 8.5 hours before the Friday chick flick madness. I'm stoked, mostly because I'm convinvced today can't be as bad as yesterday. Two calls over an hour each yesterday, and did I ever want to kill myslef because the people were unreal. So mot paying attention, unable to see and listen at the same time, and that's basic human multitasking. If you can't do that there is no reason for you to have lived this long. My feelings anyways, but I'm biased towards those with function faculties and the smallest ability to follow instructions. It just makes my life easier.

So last night I ordered in a bacon cheeseburger and fries and a bit of gravy and watche ANTM and then the amazing Race and then went to bed. It helped me get up and along the way I got a little applause for the foodage choice, from the Kids N and J, who are getting tired of their fave takeout so may try my fave place for a change up. I think the delivery guy from my place enjoys my inability to do math as it garners him a large tip, compared to what other people in the area may give. I always try to tip, it invites being remembered, hopefully kindly.

On the guy tip, flirty guy made a real effort to talk to me, from an entire row away. So we were literally shouting at each other. It's insane. But so am I nad I love me so! Wish me smiles today and I'm hoping to get through relatively unscathed and not desperately wanting to drink myself to death in an evening, so I don't have to lose anymore IQ points.

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ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:11 PM

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