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18 April 2006

sometimes I think I’m the only cab on the road :
Oh so first day back after the on and off weekend, and some local snot tries to brow beat me about improper trouble shooting. I had a customer that insisted his problem was worse, so I did my best to prove it, sent it to the snot and he rejected it. So We did more and proved it MORE and I got the snot back, and I brow beat him with the fact that a) he wasn't reading the notes, b) I did so know what I was doing and c) you're taking the client. Grr Arg.

I'm going to have to do a full restore of my computer again. Mostly because the XP addition is taking over and won't allow 98 to use firefox properly to see some websites. I don't like XP that much. All the user friendliness makes me feel condescended too, but then again I like to take Windows amd make it my own little slice of workability. I think it goes back to my problem with authority, I like to mess with things and make them kinda mine => even if they aren't. Check me out at work with my Mac-esque desktop and stuff. I'd change the colours too but we're administratively disabled.

Other than that I'm still boring. Looking forward to chick flick Friday. We're gonna get wasted and watch sappy movies and fo facials (called them face masks last night and confused everyone) and possibly I'll be giving streaks to my married friend. It's easier to have someone else do it for you then to do it yourself, I so know this. It's why I've determined to go professional and get it done so it looks right. Thank god I found a decent salon, but we'll see how that goes on the next root touch up day.

I had a Jones' Soda candy, it fizzes => yesterday. There was something so in the air. I was loud and rowdy. I was so wired it wasn't even funny. AND I had a couple of interesting conversations with some cuties. Nothing like a big warm smile to make you feel like a million dollars. Now if it happens again today, that I'm all wired, I'm going to have to really look into getting allergy pills or something, because that level of frentic energy will eventually kill me. I can't sustain the chipper.

And so that's the daily update. Talk to you all soon. Keep blogging.
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