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12 April 2006

my envied lady holds you fast in her gaze :
I walked my feet off into little nubbins yesterday. My sister came to town and we walked around from 8am til 4 pm. Then I came home and did laundry, because aching feet need to go up and down all the stairs available :) They aren't trying to kill me today so I'm planning on taking them on a tour of downtown while I go to sell those rings in the previous post.

It sure was hard to get clear pictures of them, what with the camera in one hand snd the ring on the other. By the time I tried to get the setting shots my hands were exhausted from all the holding still. I never knew my hand moved THAT much just pressing the button to TAKE the picture.

Anyways I'm going to sell them, because I don't wear them and they really have no personal value to me. I really like them. They are, after all, the rings I picked out and , in the case of the birthday present, bought myself while married. However I'm not going to be married for much longer and these aren't exactly the priceless gems I once though of them as. coloured glass i can replace. I really like the birthday present, because it's a large sized garnet, not that easy to find. I actually have only 2 other garnet things. A ring my mother gave me, that's olde styled and something I never wear either, and a pendant I got from my Sri Lankan eight grade teacher. I was a teacher's pet to that extent. I wsn't the only one, he brought the other blonde girl in his class an emerald pendant too. I don't really know why, I just know hers was smaller than mine and that made her mad. Small geek victories - cuz I also knew mine was the less expensive stone.

I was too tired last night so today I may venture out to the colliseum to see Slither. I will see it by Saturday. I wasn't lying. I will not let it slide, because these kinds of movies are best seen in the theatre where the territory is slightly unfamiliar. Anyways I'm going off into the world to have some fun selling my past. If you're interested in buying pieces of it, lemme know. I'm sure something can be arranged :)

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