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04 April 2006

if i could get another chance i'd put it in a ziplock bag :
Well the ritual of the Highlander was restarted yesterday. I went and had cajun wings, was happy to see'Liam Neeson" and then I saw Ice Age 2. 'Liam' was by far the best thing. I didn't like the way the wings stayed with me the whole day, and most of the night; and Icae Age 2 just made me wonder if there was a whole other part of the script they forgot. I love Skrat, and he was well in the movie - but the rest of it was => well Disney comes to mind. We all know I have issues with Disney movies. So Ice Age 2 rates an ok. I plan to see Slither this coming week and probably something else too. Though I will never see Basic Instinct 2. There's a slightly amusing story behing why/how I saw the first one. Maybe I'll tell you sometime.

In other news I saw my surgeon today. ALSO know as Doctor #3. #3 is a kind, funny fuzzy grandfather type who is like 75-80 years old. He's very concerned about my foot and pretty sure, as I am, that there's something there that should be removed. It took 2 hours 50 minutes, 2 exam rooms, one palm drawning and a lot of prodding and poking to come to the conclusion that indeed I should have it taken out. Whatever it is, but #3 doesn't actually do surgeries anymore. Not the type in operating rooms with general anesthesia anyways. SO I'm getting referred to Doctor #4, who #3 assures me is someone he'd let operate on himself. Ooooh doggy.

Other than wasting most of my energy and time waitng to see grandfather time, err Dr #3 => wherein I entertained myself by staring at this point in the carpet where the red and white and black berber combined to look like one po-ed asian warrior was taking on another - to the point of making the rest of the patients waiting think I was catatonic I'm sure. I went and had some really overpriced fries and curry at a British Pub (for shame I know :) I had a Boddingtons there, and a bad waitress who didn't bother to ask me what size I wanted to drink and by default brought me the biggest and most expensive glass. Why Boddingtons? Well they didn't have Kokanee and I really want to get a bottle of that with the mini sasquatch on it because I can; and because I rather like my beer with little or no flavour before, during or afterward drinking.

I then went and got a DiNozzo(NCIS) pizza from Gloria's. Mostly because Kid E and Kid M idolize this place for pizza, and also because it frees up the lunch dilemma for me this week for a few days. I got exactly what Tony got on his pizza in the episode where he's framed for killing a pair of legs. I'll explain no more. It's good pizza, and FYI Bolthouse Farms Mango Lemonade is excellent with Bacardi. It was a total R&R night, in the purest I live like a college student sense. Tv, liquor and pizza. Who could ask for anything more?

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