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26 April 2006

i will turn you away as easily as i turn you into me :
I was worried about my hand me down, paid to damn much for it, stereo. It has been misbehaving lately. It started skipping at the back end of cd's, then it stopped pleying the last songs, anything after track 10 was iffy. Today I took it apart. I dusted it, flicked the levers, and took a hair out of it. My hait is everywhere. Be afraid of it's ability to travel. Now the stereo seems to be back up to snuff. Nevermind I bent the case a bit because a screw wouldn't come out, to the eye it's tip top and to the ear too. Have hammer will correct.

No one to flirt with at work. I resigned myself to stop thinking about flirt guy, which means he's like on super high rotation through my mind. I have nothing if not a mind obsessed with what it can't have. I also have a new paranoia about my roommates, but having been burned by a long line of dope smokers, I'm kinda biased. And I'm wondering why I never noticed it before => well really because I didn't want to. I know that. I can't say that it bothers me or that I feel lied too, but deceived a bit yea. It's up to you what you do, but don't look me in the eyes and be superior about yourself and life, when you are just like everyone else. Especially those you insist you are superior to. Really no one is better than anyone else. This just proves it. Of course now my skin constantly itches and I wonder who's high and if this is affecting my allergies. I'm so allergic to that stuff it isn't even funny.

Yea so not too deep again, but really I'm not really interested to be deep. I'm just trying to not eat myself silly. First comes bitchy, then comes bottomless pit munchy and then comes the flow. It better show up, cuz I hate going through the motions for a no show. Aside from that I'm probebly going to have the shit bleached out of my hair for the summer, going to go Marilyn. Or at least Buffy, heavy on the streakage. Born blonde and planning to stay blonde, by any means :) I've gotten really well acquainted with my natural hair colour and now I can go back to abusing my folicles. I'm also planning on geting some waxing done for the summer. I'm going to get the arm pits done, just to see what it's like then decide if I can take on the bikini wax. Lord knows I can take the pain, Going on 7 months of glass in the foot so I don't think ripping some hair out is going to kill me. Of course some areas are more sensitive than others so we'll see if I'm going to be masochistically adventurous or not.

In the meantime I'm hungry so I'm going to go eat and make a snaking cake, because I can. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 11:19 AM

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