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07 March 2006

winter just wasn't my season :
Uh so I fell on my ass right infront of the stoop to our house. Pissed I am, mostly because I hurt my hand and got jolted. I still fell well, I can get an Oscar for graceful falling. Bad ankles, bum knee = lots of practice. Add insult to injury I just go the most bizarre email. Remeber 13 hour date guy. He seems to have just broken up with me. I DIND"t KNOW we were going out. I thought we were going to be friends, maybe - but he's tres unreliable. And I like clockwork y'know.

I'm really trying to come up with the items that will keep 'em coming back for more, but I haven't got it this week I guess, really didn't have it last week either but I'm still at it. And Raj - blooging - underwater blogging? Fixed it :)

So I'm not exciting enough to have any real news. I may be sore from slamming into the iced concrete but other than that the imagined relationship and the email ending haven't rocked my world. I'm kinda unphased and somewhat un affected these days. I do have my forced 4 day weekend and mini vacay coming up. Now I have to decide if I'm going to get my tongue pierced or not. A few people have come out and made some points that have pretty much summed up why I haven't done that in the past. I may just opt for the 6th tattoo and leave it at that. I may decide to do neither or both, or something else entirely.

Do you think since we broke up I can send him a copy of Song For The Dumped by Ben Folds, cuz 'I want my money back BITCH' :)

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