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22 March 2006

that's just the way things used to be :
Since I'm totally sick with a fever and chills and the loss of appetite that is only supposed to come with a flu (I GOT MY FLU SHOT) I'm hiding out at home. I managed to eat one piece of toast so far today, and that isn't loving me much. On the other hand I'm forcing myself to do laundry so that all the virus infected sheets and jammies I wore yesterday will be clean. Other than that I'm tired and light headed and really cheesed off that all these people I met online, who harassed me for my MSN and all , won't even reply to me these days. It'd just be nice to have someone say - sorry you aren't feeling well. Or even, how are you feeling to day. I'm hoping to get better and all, but this really sux since my four day weekend was supposed to start Friday, and being sick really takes all the fun out of the weekend being long.

I guess this is a bitch blog, but other than watching Grey's Anatomy Season One on DVD, I've been doing zip but sleeping and praying that everything will stay inside my body when I put it there. The road to wellville started Monday night with some serious reguritation that had me leaving work early so as to not share the wealth. At least it has beenuneventful in that area, since then. Other then that I really miss having anyone I know who would go out to the store for me and get me some orange juice and fench fries. I just want salty salty, I'm not sure that it would agree with me or not. At least this will kick start the new fangled diet I wanted to start along with the get fit regime I was planning. Mind you I missed my intro class with 2 free weeks membership today. I tried to call but there don't even have a phone number listed.

There's a couple of gyme around ehre I'm going to look into and I'm also going to go to the doctor and have him look at the 'bruise'. It's still there and it's still hard and it still hurts - so I'm pretty sure it's still glass and it still needs to be taken out. I'm kinda thinking now but you know health care - nothing ever happens now.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 12:27 PM

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