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24 March 2006

take my picture off the wall if it won't sing for you :
I have bronchitis and new hatred of 'comprehensive' health benefits. Turns out at my company comprehensive means the more it costs for you to get the less of it we'll cover. So all my really necessary acid reflux and bronchitis meds are covered at a mere 50%. Even my pharmacist was like call and ask what the hell is going on. Apparently I get to blame the idiot who drew up the list of drug classes. If this drug is class blah blah you give us the money, if it's class blah you give half and we give half, if it's - well I was TOLD be the FEEB at the companies call center - AND I mean FEEBLE MINDED DIPSTICK => to call and ask before having my Dr. perscribe anything.

I love my Dr. I think I scare him because he can't figure out why this giant white girl keeps coming back to chinatown to see a Vietnamese practitioner - but he likes me too. He's going to make an appointment about the 'bruise' since he can't figure out wht it's still hard and thick and there. Scarring doesn't cut it for him but he made it my call - so the surgeon can have a go at me for wasting his time if they all decicde I'm a foot hypercondriac and there is NOTHING there causing me pain. He was cool today, gave me a note for all my sick days and I'm sure he'd have made sure to give me cheap drugs if I'd known that my plan was half assed. My Dr did ask me if I smoked when he told me I have brochitis. Do ONLY smokers get bronchitis? I get it like once a year and have most of my life - and I have never smoked.

*Stifling rant* So I'm feeling all played out after just going out and seeing the Dr and walking around the mall for a bit. The real good news is Kid N took the plastic off the windows so I can open them and air out my room!!!!!!!! I'm so happy I'm almost feeling like 30 cents :)

So I begin my 4 days off in a row - tha actual I scheduled them that way days, not the ever so draining and scary (previews of feeble oldness never happy) 3 days of sickness post booked weekend - I'm hoping I don't get this sick again for like 20 more years. By then I'll be able to take whatever time I need to off with no worries. Right now I still worry that I'm making a bad impression. I'm a workaholic so I'm always worried that work will reject me and I'll sink into disgusting slackerhood with boughts of welfare and under the table jobs. It's kinda like a nightmare when I think about it. Why? Because there's nothing wrong with me and I can/am able to do so much more than that. Sure there are people who need the assistance and I'm glad it's there if I need it, but I don't and I don't want to need it anytime soon. I AM a WORKER BEE, EMPLOY ME! My pendantic A type motto.

So I'm going to go off and order in to the surprise of no one. I'm tired and I think I'd set myself and all the stove covers on fire tonight if I tried to cook anything. I'm going Greek tho, I found Greek on Wheels online and I'm going for it :)

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