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04 March 2006

she has trouble acting normal when she’s nervous :
I went out today. I'm hyperactive and staying in bores the shit out of me just thinking about it. And it was a nice sunny and mildly windy/crisp day. I did my 4 hours in the am, ate a donut, got groceries and brought them home. I told all the Kids to go out (I think 0 listened until after sun down) and then left to get new stove covers. I found none that I could stomache bringing home. I did get a new 'toy' box and I ate at the Highlander (again!) where I met a guy who spends way too much time on his hair. His name is Seamus and he's signing people up for a monthly memebership to Amnesty International. I've always wanted to join and I so made Seamus's day when I was actuallt interested in what he had to say.

Imagine meeting a guy with an Irish name outside a Scottish pub, that's a Saturady for you. I soon will be an official member. Now I didn't tell Seamus but on the bus ride downtown I saw some girls in the Glebe with the Amnesty books and I was already curious (but trapped on the bus) so even if he'd been the most disgusting creature about, I'd have talked to him. He wasn't, but I think the obvious staring I was doing was making him uncomfortable. That and I kept laughing whenever the loud traffic made him nervous I wasn't hearing his speech. Oh my he had at least a half hour hairdo on. Now he was young, but bearded so guess-timates on age could be wildly out of the park - but I'd say he's been doing his hair that way long enough to have it down to about an hour or less - depending on importance of event. I know hair that effortlessly curly doesn't grow on trees - man or not. He had a firm confident handshake so I have to like the guy. I hate to get the dead fish just because I'm not really important. Yea Seamus knows how to make you feel important. A good thing in a person.

So, speaking of feeling important - all the losers are out again. I swear there needs to be something disseminated to men. I'm friendly NOT stupid. I'm talking to you because I want to make friends, have someone to chat with and meet in person to do the things people do when they are friends. If I have to tell Hot Dr NO one more time I'm going to tell him to come here and then have him wait 8 hours for me NOT to show up - karma be damned. I'm a bit tired of being the go to girl - when NO ONE ELSE can be found. I have NEVER wanted to be the last woman on earth in that way. And yet I see this as part and parcel of the decline of civility in culture. People don't keep their word, don;t know how to be kind or polite or even be friends much anymore. I'm saddened.

So my BFFU has to have a root canal. Let's all think good thoughts for an non saddistic dentist for her. Also, while we're at, let's think get the HELL to yoga thoughts for me too. All I wanna do is join a yoga class. I'm obsessed, it's supplanted my need for a digital camera - even to see movies. SO I know I'm going to have to at least go to a class and see what happens. In the mean time I got a little vacay arranged for the last weekend of the month that falls in the quarter - 4 days off. I'm trying to get another 4 official vacay off in April - cuz I want to get my tongue pierced and I am being told it takes only a few days to talk mostly normal agian. I'm a trusting soul so I'm buying it.

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