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27 March 2006

out on the street today :
I went out for a walk to take back my rented movies and get one of those flamethrower burgers. The burger was ok, enough. But the real thrill was finally feeling like I was better. It's nice to be felling more up to the living of life. Of course there was something out there to put a crimp in all my good breathing and such. For some reason there was a street cleaner out there scaring up a pile of dust like some effect from The Mummy. I know why it was out, I do question having the Mojave desert's sandstorm going on during early rush hour traffic though. I have never understood the thoughts of city government.

Aside from that it was way cool to be out and about and feeling like $10.50. Getting closer to $100 everyday:)

Speaking of $$ I got a weird email from my EX. He says he has a T4 for me. I'm fairly sure it's total BS. He didn't get any for me last year and all of a sudden there are some coming. I haven't used that address in like 3 years, for anything. It's highly unlikely. I'll find out what's up eventually. I always do.

I had an interesting dream. I was dreaming about money. Specifically I was shopping. I was with some man servent/body guard guy, and I was spending $5000 dollar bills. For everything. I actually remember asking the man servent guy if we'd had some sort of inflation that I was using the $5000 bills to pay for everything. He said that I actually liked spending the $5000 and getting the change. I then asked if they even really made $5000 bills. He asked me why that would even matter. I don't remember the rest. I do know I kept shopping. Weird how I got all aware and socially conscious in the middle of my beverly hills dream. I assume that's where it was, but I don't know for certain. It was a boutique with dark blue walls and soft lighting and I think I was buying diamonds. Or a really noisy dog with a diamond collar. It's kind of fuzzy, what I was doing there. I do recall that the shop assistant didn't seem surprised to see my monay, or unhappy to make change for it - but it was going to be all in twenties.

BTW, I left a song out of the Mental Playlist yesterday. Everytime I go out for a walk these days I hear the same refrain from Fascination Street by the Cure. It keeps happening. Wonder what that means?

Keep blogging.

PS - Does anyone know what happened to Jennifer Good's blog? I read at Matt's that he was requsing himself for the influx of insanity was getting to him. Too many personal attacks. I'll miss him.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 6:06 PM

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