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14 March 2006

the love they gave on borrowed time :
On my day first of a split weekend I'm sickish, with a head cold type malady. I kind of felt it coming on after the Ottawa International Women's Show Saturady. I probably caught half a million things there, because there was a jillion poeple there and everyone rubbing on and bumping into everyone else. The plus side was that I got a lot of free eats, sample sized but still yum, and I did manage to keep myself entertained for hours. In a wild twist of karma, I got into the show free. This lady walked up to me and asked if I was going in, then said her friend had ditched her and plunked down a free coupon for me. Oh the joy!

So I got in free. I got myself a decent supply of soy milk, cuz they were selling things dirt cheap, som of those microwavable campbells soups and some bottled arthurs' smoothies. I ate a lot of yogurt while I was there too. I really liked the Jeunese (I totally spelt this worng I know) and I got some today. I also drank and fell in love with the Smirnoff cosmo and chocolatini pre mixed drinks. I don't know if I can ever convince myself to pay 10 bucks four wee bottles of premade drinks. I'm kinda cheap. And I like to make my own drinks too :)

Anyhoo my day started with a visit to the dentist so I could find out if I can get invisiline braces. Oh my god, the dentist wants 5500 dollars. I just about died. He's telling me about their credit system and blah blah and all. I'm just panicing thinking I can't even afford to thind about getting a car, those ne Yaris's are like 11 grand and he wants me to shell up half that to have straighter teeth and better alignment. Uh, can you say making me laugh? And he was so serious, telling me how I'd have to come in and get all examined and fixed up and all before we do anything like that, because my teeth can't chenge shape while we do the process or the forms won't fit.

After that I went to get breakfast, a feta and spinach croissant and a hot chocolate. Then I went to Walmart to get some cold fx tablets - this girl at work swears they rock. I also got some cold atak tabs too. So now I'm medicating my head cold with ecchinecea, ginseng, orange juice, water and rest. Hopefully it will back the hell off to gone land and I'll be all happy shmappy for the next 3 work days. I plan on resting up my other day off too. Couldn't hurt and I have a lot of food here so I don't need to go out and I can order in too. I'm golden for the next while I guess :)

Speaking of golden, I think that I may be getting a golden opportunity to get a bad crush on a work guy. Not the work guy that said I was gorgeous, this other guy. He's very my type, in that I think he's hot and he's been nice and chatty with me so I know him just enought to think I'd like to know him better. We'll see what happens. There are other players on the field, but they keep not making it into view in real life, and this guy I see almost everyday. Plus he stares at me a little. He does that look awawy thing when I catch him looking. It's kinda cute. But then there's the don't date work people rule. We'll see, cuz if he ever asked I'd say yes.

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