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01 March 2006

i'm alive I'm a live wire :
The weather outside is bloody annoying. It's making me wish for spring in the I-can't-take-the-fucking-humidity-as-cold-anymore kinda way. All these news shows are coming on and I'm wondering what will happen to my current shows. I'm already having a seizure over how to tape My Name is Earl and everything else on Wednesdays- cuz It's on Wednesdays here on one channel and the Thursdays on another. I'm losing interest in some of the stuff, let's be honest - all of the stuff I've been watching. I'm bored of Lost. I'm wondering if Prison Break is going to be worth watching. I've lost that loving feeling for most of the comedies I was watching.

I like Freddie and George Lopez - they aren't Fraiser or anything but they are funny and not really gross. I like the funny sometimes, as light an airy as ABC does it. I've actually been having a hard time finding My Name is Earl so I don't know how muych of the season I've missed. It's ok if I know the show is moving, but when the channels then move it without warning or don't air it, I get pissed. I totally got lost in seasone one of 24 that way and now I just get mad watching it. They aren't fucking around with the schedule now are they?

So this is like my letter to the studio people. I don't have tivo and the schedules aren't so reliable that a show that's been moved will be easy to find - so stop fucking with a good thing. Leave the shows where they are and let people keep watching the ones they like. I don't care that you cancel most of the shows I like and thems the breaks - but stop messing with the ones you don't cancel. So I'm done the min rant.

I'm wondering what I'm going to do to make my life all happy shampy with my one day off. I was thinking - cuz I suffer from reaccuring financial insanity - that I could just work Saturday too and then I'd have an 11 day stretch in and I'd had some extra dollars and I'd feel all accomplished for my following 2 days off. I don't think I can actually do it though. I'd probably need a real extended vacy. Right now I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get to use my WFM days off before the end of the quarter at the end of this month. It's already March, and people are endlessly talking taxes around me - and I'm realising I'm not going to get my T-4's cuz I didn't change my addresses. Uh oh, and then I spend all morning writing this and don't call anyone. I'm such a flake! I'll do it tomorrow whan I'm feeling awake and alive.

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:52 AM

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