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03 March 2006

dischord and rhyme :
I won the slomo of the year awaed yesterday. I walked into the house and someone had made som stinky veggies and it was sickening. I should have taken that as a sign of things to come, but oh no, not me. I decided (because I keep forgetting we get a free lunch today) to make egg salad. So I go to the stove. I now officially HATE those burner covers. I knw what they are there for and I knoww they look pretty but all I ever do is SET THEM ON FIRE. Yea I did. 3 of them, becuase I turned on the wrong burner. Between bad luck and dyslexia yesterday, it's amazing I didn't kill us all. So instead of having the amazing relaxing night I thought I would I had to spen about an hour scrubbing the top of the stove.

I did that with a non scratch sponge and baking soda. It worked WAY better than the SOS(brillo) pad and it actually too the GIANT BLACK RING off the stove. Now it's a faint bone colour. If you're looking for it you can't miss it but otherwise I don't think you'd notice it. This is how I found out the the general idea of the neat neat house falls down in the keeping the burners and the oven underneath clean. There's a lot of gross shit in the burner covers and under them. I had to take the one I poocched out to scrub off the black. I'm glad it was baked on cheap ass burner cover paint and that I hadn't actually burned the stove enamelled paint. Thank goodness the Gods and Godesses love fools and children or I'd be spending my money buying a new hous stove not getting a new blanket.

So today for kicks I get to go buy some repentant cheap ass burner covers. I know they get the burner covers at the dollar store, so when I say cheap ass I mean the price, the covers always look cool. I actually like burner covers, they make great potted plant bases. I had some when I was married and that's all we used them for after the EX set one on fire. His mom bought them for us, but neither of his folks ever visited us. EVER. Anyways I feel right awful and guilty because I'm supposed to be the older wiser person and I just set the house record for most burner covers fucked up in one shot. I'm So SPECIAL. Can I get my dunce cap and go now?

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