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31 March 2006

a butterfly train never ends never ends :
I'm in the last of the midweek days before the final roll to the weekend I have scheduled. I get Monday and Tuesday off - which means I can go see Ice Age 2 at the matinee really cheap :) My married friends asked me to go tomorrow but I'm working so I can't. Well maybe if we went really early in the day, but no one wants to get up that early on their days off.

I'm having weird narrative dreams these days, where literally there's a guy telling you waht the person is thinking and their backstory as to explain the actions and conversations going on. It's weird, and I always lose the narration and the visuals at the same time because they are so intertwined. If I can't recall the words I don't remember what was happening. Weird I know. I need to take notes. Wonder if there's some way to become a sleep writer.

The waether is beautiful these days. I can sleep with the window open again and so I'm not burning up in the middle of the night. I've always been the kind that gets very hot when I sleep. I think the machines in the Matrix would love me, I'd be like a Lion battery instead of a coppertop :)

I still get my vacation the second week of April, and to be nice they gave me an extra day off. So all in all I get 5 days off, I work the weekends but have a whole work week to do what I want. It really is making me smile. I'm so looking forward to it.

In other news, I found out I hurt this guys' feelings at work. I really just want to get people off the phone but sometimes the call goes long. When that happens they send someone to bug you about what's taking so long. They never show up when you actually need help, only when you don't. This guy had to come over 3 times last night, and he was like saying how unpleasent it was for him. First I argued with him about his advice - because he's wrong and I know it. Then he had to come back 2 more times, and he couldn't help either time. So I made this guy, who has a more important position than me, feel like an idiot. Without even trying. God I'm good :P

So I'm trying to be more aware of what I'm doing in my unconscious way. Mostly the floor walkers will leave me alone, because I ignore them or they know it's not that I need help. It just bugs me when someone comes along and starts asking what's going on - like I'm lost and have no idea. I really don't take it as a friendly question, because mostly it isn't. Mostly you're getting attitude from the asker. I think it all went wrong that day a walker came and asked me how I was enjoying my 40 minute break. I took his head off, attitude wise. He scampered off. Most have avoided me since. I think I'm actually notorious. I'm hoping this doesn't work against me. Who knows, I could just be making it up.

I'm not planning anything fun fun or fantabulous for my days off or my vacay, but I'm sure something interesting will happen. It always does. I got home last night to be accused of stealing peanut butter. There's this whiteboard in the house where notes and messages are left. Last night it said that whoever (I'm one of 3 potential thieves) is eating the PB might as well finish it off. I told Kid N the PB thief is probably the same one stealing my bread, but I wasn't taking the peanut butter as I totally have my own. I did joke and say if I knew where he was keeping his jam I'd take some of that, but I'd tell him. I'm like that, I borrow but then I tell and replace, usually over much.

To be fair, since I've been not thinking I've been conscious of odd things. Like I always know when some 'I want cyber' freak is chatting me up online now. I also know that there are a few people at work who 'like' me. One of them I feel is totally deranged, but he's not pushing his luck. I'm too mean for that to happen:)

Wish me softness. Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 10:19 AM

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