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03 February 2006

treason's all brand new :
It is finally Friday. Not that much happiness is mine cuz I'm only getting a one day weekend then I'm back to the silly and incapable of spelling for 4 days and then 2 days off then 6 - SIX - days with them and then 2 days off. OMG I want to cry when I get some of these people because they are AFRAID to type things on their keyboards and can't spell and BEG me not to abandon them like children. It's so incredibly sad for them and heartbreaking for me because it's making me mental. Truly I want to yell at them, go lear to read/write/type and then you have the right to own a computer, tech support is here for real issues not because you can't manage to spell your OWN email address right 20 times in 40 minutes. Yea it's free range anarchy out there and add to that the virus that's supposed to be out there today and that our servers for antivirus were down, we had even more sad people calling, these ones were the non listeners.

But I digress. I got to treadmill for almost an hour last night. I did ok. Iam so outta treadmill practice. I screwed up my foot, I disconnected the saftey line and had to start all over again and I could barely go up stairs afterward. But damn was it fun. Yea I'm weird. I took a shower last night and woke up with sexy curly hair, which isn't going to help me with this guy at work who asked me if I had my hair done for a date. Like I can't just do my hair? He's trying to find things to talk to me about and unfortunately for him, wearing that deer int he headlights look guys get when I scare them. I'm trying to be nice but I'm toasting all that NOT yelling at the people on the phone and so my fellow phonies (phone users not literally phonies - but yet we are being phony cuz we are all trying to get you off the phone as fast as possible) are getting burned a bit. I must work on this.

I may have another meet and greet date, or 2, this weekend. We'll see how it goes. There's no harm in getting stomped on again. I've recovered from the last round of humiliations and I'm heading out there hoping ofr the best. Could be worse right? I could have met an axe murderer and ended up in someone's freezer. I'm working on the positives :) It's raining today and I'm in a weird mood. Almost happy, almost chagrinned. I'm almost the cliche from that Garbage song - Only Happy When It Rains. So far it's shaping up to be a day I'll have tonnes to do and I'll just wanna hide in bed under the covers then kick myself for missing the opportunities. I'm like that.

So for fun today I'm going to try and be positively happy. I'm praying that doesn't make the day drag on like some giant concrete albatross that i trying to prevent me from getting to my ONE day off this week. Please please please. And while I'm asking how about some superfly peeps to chill with round my neck of the woods, cuz this whole afar friends things is cool, but local would be welcome.

Keep blogging :)
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