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06 February 2006

sweet you rock and sweet you roll :
So Blogger is going to have another outage. It's probably going to be one that goes on forever. If you are interested and I have anything to say I'll post it here. Since I'm EST and all things Blogger happen PST, I'm too uninterested to do the math but it should be down when I get home which is when I usually post. So if you want to keep up with me and my big head catch me at the OTHER Blog - http://amber7211.wplite.com/

Ah so it let me on. I'm happy.

I had an interesting lunch date. I had no idea the guy I was meeting would be so nervous. He was a jabbering wreck, which was cute. Since I didn't expect him to show up I was surprised when he called to say he'd be late. I was more surprised when he turned up like a half hour later and the fun began. It was nice to just listen and I didn't really try to interject much, but I'm wondering if I left the impression that I didn't really care he was there.

I dunno. Now it's wait and see if we end up doing anything Thursday. Originally the plan was to meet up then and see a movie, but I proposed meeting sooner as a preemptive - 2 hours on a bus to see a movie with someone who never showed up - strike. He seems like a really nice and genuine guy. I have no idea what he thought of me and he seemed really worried and concerned tht I didn't like him at all.

Other than that it's been a fair to middling Monday. Nothing too unexpected but tiring. The weather, the teen angst here in casa du Kid and the fact it was MOnday and the people can be real good or make you want to cry. The were great today. I was so relieved. I took off abit early. I couldn't help myself because I was tired and I'm still tired and I don't need to get sick when everyone else around me is sick and trying to share. This is the real RING, the passing of the cold/flu. There is no horro movie scarier than the one that has you laid up for days wishing you were dead and NOT getting paid at ALL - honestly cut off anything in a horror movie and nothing still scarier than that can happen to me, anyways.

It's late and I want to go and sleep before the giant loud ass 8 am convos start and the 8.45 am ritual slamming of all the doors happens. It sucks being a light sleeper. It really really sucks. Love you.


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