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From the ghost land of the easy life.

13 February 2006

nobody said it was easy let's go back to the start :
Because I'm wondering - do you suppose that the tattoo that Seth Gecko has in Dusk Til Dawn is the same one Rusty has in Ocean's Eleven/Twelve?

I've been trying not to be oh negative - so I'll keep my singularly bad thoughts to myself - for now. I'm just having a total self esteem meltdown. Nothing like what's happening over at Glo's. I'm sorry she's in that situation but I have no idea what to say that would help at all. Wish I did. I want to save the world, while I slowly torture myself into the psych ward.

Anyways onto the sunny side of life. It's Monday. Today and tomorrow mark the downhill slide into my new found 3 day weekend. I feel like I want to get away but I have no where to go. So I probably spend the time playing my newly acquired Need For Speed PC games - until my arm falls off. It already ate up all my Friday afternoon/night; but I think that is just because I'm so happy to have the game I was rocking on the XBOX to play - since the XBOX wars began I haven't had any good clean expletive laden fun. Mama loves to swear her some blue streaks.

I'm so in love with Grey's Anatomy. I had to watch the two parter. Of course I knew what would happen at the end - I had that sussed out by the time we'd met all the players in the first act. I won't give it away here - but it's all so good. I started watching it because I thas Sandra Oh in the cast - and Oh and Cho are some of my fave people. I keep watching it because it's fun. Fun tv, not always the easiest to find. Fun and me - not so much friends anymore.

Hot Dr thinks I'm playing with him. He's trying to convince me to meet him when he's here Thursday. I'm not playing - I don't want to meet him. Ever. Not now. I'm pissy like that, lie to me and I get kinda irrational. Not that I'm famous for my rationality. I think I'm famous for seeming toatlly unlike I really am. A chameleon of contradiction. I blend and make no sense. That's me!

For fun this am I'm watching Dusk Til Dawn. I watched Star Trek 6 yesterday, while the Kids whooped it up over Kid M's second hand bowflex. I don't get that excited over dusty anything and it's like a really heavy jigsaw puzzle that's sitting in his room, not completed. At least they got it all into his room. It was looking for a bit like it might have to reside partially in the living room - not impressing Kid J.
Between that dust storm and the sudden drop in barometric pressure Saturday I had quite the sinus headache. I was all blood shot eyes and unhappiness. MAybe I haven't recovered. There's this melencholy hanging over me today for wahtever reason - guess my little black clouds' been building and I'm so gonna get struck by lightening. Do you think it'll hurt?

Keep blogging.
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