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09 February 2006

in the wretched life of a lonely heart :
It is my weekend and since I'm rich and famous today I'm going to the Highlander to eat wings and then to see a movie, with coffee guy. So far he's panning out as someone to talk to and that's great because I find having friends outside of work is always great, it gives you other things to talk about. It stretches the mind. Speaking of stretching I'm probably going to start shovelling myself off to yoga as my foot, and that 'bruise' can't take the hardships of pounding away all day and then another hour of treadmill powerwalking causes all kinds of swelling and discomfort. Well it's just a bruise, that won't go away after over 4 months.

At some point I'm going to look into the digital cameras available because I really miss taking pictures. I'm going to go see if I can get one of those you put money on it then charge credit cards and just generally cruise through the 'weekend' til I have to go work Saturday. Grand plans eh? I thought so.

I keep hearing from my buddy Kid N that I need to work a better shift because he never gets to see me. There's naught I can do about that because I've asked and gotten blown off continually. And the TRUTH is I like actually helping the people so they don't have to call back 20 times to get the issue resolved. So I take a hit for doing it right the first time because it usually takes more than 5 minutes and that means I have no say in my schedule. The only way to get ahead in a call centre is to be e beligerent bully who doesn't listen, doesn't really help and gets off the call fast. They say it isn't true, but try talking to some of these people that have the fast times. They've got no personality, so they only get along with each other - that's also because they all feel SO superior to everyone else. It kinda makes me sick, just another instance where doin a half assed job gets you ahead.

Yea I don't really belong in the rat race I belong in a utopian society where I'd be able to do what can do for what it's worth. And I can do a lot, and it's worth a lot. But not in todays terms. I always wonder why we devalue the caring and concern of others so much. No wonder our society is eroding.

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