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22 February 2006

i'm only human on the inside :
As odd as this may seem, there's this thing I noticed the other day. As belly buttons go I'm an innie. I always have been. One of the myriad of ways I'm tracking my weight loss is by finger in the belly button. At my heaviest my index finger was in to the secong joint or knuckle. Now it's in up to only the first joint. I'm kinda excited by what that means. It means despite the occassional donut and chips and total lack of coordinated exercise regime, I'm still losing weight. I'm chagrinned. I'm trying not to let it go to my head and to remember that it's going to happen - I'm going to plateau and then the real hardship begins.

Back at work I'm doing fine. It seems kinda like I was away for a million years, and I know that's not true but it's a weird perception thing I have. It's odd that I'm caring less and less about the job or how well I do it, which is actually improving my talk times. Go figure. ALL you need to succeed is sheer apathy. Wow it only took 35 years to figure that one out, now do you suppose the bucks will come flowing in?

In other news - I'm cool enough to be spoken too again. One is Hot Dr, who told me he was never speaking to me again after I verbally spanked him for being a LIAR. He's the thing that wouldn't go away - always gotta have one I guess. He just doesn't take the hint. It's kinda amusing if I look at it like a mean little girl almost pulling the wings off flies kinda way - but also really sick and demented too. Ah the powerplay. She doesn't want you so you HAVE to HAVE her. EEK I think I just may be cultivating an IM stalker. Now I'll have to get another Im address. Oh no. Well soon all my facets will have an MSN account :)

Thanks to Tayster I have GMAIL now. Since no one uses the hotmail account to contact me yet I'll not burden the blog with my GMAIL address now. I haven't given it to a soul yet, so it's all mine still - except for the perfunctory thanks for signing up here's how we rock emails. I'm kinda excited. That and it's really any excuse to keep me from smashing my keyboard to bits and swearing a blue streak at all hours while I rabidly play Need For Speed until I lose all use of my right hand. I so need to get my game controller from storage.

That and I need to find a contingent of willing guinea pigs to let me read their futures. I do tarot readings but I'm so rusty, I need regular people to practice on. Local is a must. I could be a lucrative sideline if I can just get it all down pat and memeorised - the meanings of the cards that is. I'm of the mind that the cards are a good way to tune into your innerself and get to know your desires and dreams and the reality you are creating with your actions. You suffered all my Rob Brezsny now you get to suffer me directly telling you huh? Well it's all good and like they say at the Oracle of Delphi - Know Thyself.

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