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From the ghost land of the easy life.

26 February 2006

if you live through this with me :
Ah, so I disappeared to the all day movie marathon zone yesterday. I saw the Kung Fu Hustle, The Corpse Bride, Flightplan, The Wedding Crashers, The 40 Year Old Virgin and Waiting. One was so forgettable I had to look at my list of movies to watch just to remember it. The rest were ok but it's been a downhill day since I got back from returning them. I paid too much for pizza, I've had a fit over NFS and I'm totally able to destroy things with barely even touching them. I'm a catagory one wrecker right now. Avoid me, even I'm trying to avoid me. Oh yea and Internet Explorer hates my page, I've seen it and I'm very large print in in ti. Use FIREFOX _ then you'll see my page the way I want it to be.

I was a shopaholic extraordinaire. I got 3 season box sets, one's on layaway but the other 2 are alreasy here on my shelves, and I got other stuff too - that I don't immediately need but thought I wanted. I'm so doing the repentant thing now. If only I could go confess. Too bad I'm not religious, thought I suppose I could go and confess anyway. I don't know if there's some kinda bad karma that would come from that. Isn't it all good if you're trying to do the right thing?

So I decided that after all the media overload is watch some tv. I can't miss Grey's Anatomy. I love that show and I'm so happy it's doing well. I got the first season today cuz I LOVE it so much. I got the Second Season of Angel and in 2 weeks I'll have Season 3 of the Pretender. I'm waiting for Prison Break to come back on, like most everyone - not cuz I'm worried that the little psycho pedophile will mess up our hero - but cuz I really want to know if the 'mob' boss lives. He's my favourite actor, tho not the best eye candy. That's a tie between Wentworth and Dominic. Decided closely by my mood, cuz they each have qualities that makes them hunkoliscious.

I went out and got new shampoo, because I'm having a crisis of haircare. I don't have dandruff, but when my scalp doens't agree with my shampoo I get this weird buildup that makes my head itch and it basically comes off in a greasy like buildup under my nails. I've tried Head and Shoulders to combat this before, but it does nothing but make my head itch for other reasons, so now I have to do shampoo trouble shooting. I maybe able to get it to go away if I stop using my conditioner, but that deosn't always work and the blonde streaks need to be conditioned. It's an annoying catch 22.

Yea so enough of the drivel. Here's the Mental Playlist:

10) breathe(2am) - anna nalick
9) london rain - heather nova
8) back on the chain gang - the pretenders
7) eden - sarah brightman
6) stay - lisa loeb
5) love is a stranger - the eurythmics
4) brighter than sunshine - aqualung
3) final home - esthero
2) dontcha - the pussycat dolls
1) basement apartment - sarah harmer

Basement Apt

You live out where the street ends
in a basement apartment with one of your friends
and the tap drips all night
water torture in the sink
The furnace is burning
but it's still cold i think

I can smell the bleach
that they use in the hall
but it can't clean the dirt off of me
It's seeping under the door
in across the floor
it's starting to hurt

Everytime I breathe
Everytime I try to leave
Everytime I breathe

Now the toaster sticks
and the empties are piled
I haven't been up the stairs in awhile now
I gotta wash the sheets on my bed
gotta watch the things that go unsaid
God I wish we'd leave it at this

And every evening you open the door
You come down
There's nothing like watching tv all night underground
and no one is watching me slide
below street level
barely alive

Now we live out where the street ends
in a basement apt. just like our friends
We always said that we were different
but you know now that we weren't
'cause there's holes in all the bottles
and my lungs hurt

Keep blogging.
ghost writer Ambrrrr at 9:58 PM

MenTal fUrbAll