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23 February 2006

i hear the secrets that you keep :
It's been one of those days where I feel like I'm on speed, can't even tell you how much sugar I didn't have, I'm bouncey, jittery and way too shiny. I don't know what's wrong with me other than I'm getting a zit and I can't strike up a conversation to save my life. But I do have a list. I made it today. It's of movies I want to rent in the near future. I'm going low rent with the entertainment, being sick for a bit restricts the rich and famous budget. My married friend is already sorry he offered to help me get some things burned to disk. That involves another list and he's now afraid of my organizational skills.

My 21st friend has disappeared. I'm planning on calling her on the weekend to see if she's still alive and all, since she is also of the 'does not return emails' sect of friends I'm cultivating. I still haven't properly done the gmail initiation and all but I've got the account so I'm all happy shmappy. My new catchphrase :) It's kind of surreal around here these days and I'm feeling kinda like I maybe am going to wake up and find out all this groovy feeling has been induced by the copious amount of drugs they have me on at the psychward. Yea it's like that y'all.

I'v started a new regime of skincare, I stole it from Steff at The Cunting Linguist. She was saying about scrubbing with sugar and aveeno. I got the regular people wash, not the baby wash, cuz regular was cheaper - and sugar. I've tried it tonight and it seems to make me feel clean and sparkly and not too dry so I'm going to stick with it a bit. I'm still an Irish Spring girl, just not for my face in the winter. I'm tired of the dry peelies.

And that's about it for me. Aside from hearing like every track on last weeks mental playlist, on the musack at the office - it's been uneventful on my side. Tomorrow I'm gonna drink Tequila, make brownies and watch Rutger Hauer in the Osterman Weekend. Because it's my weekend and I'll do what I wanna. I'll be back soon with something berserk and demented I'm sure, until enjoy the mental stability and inner peace that is mine )for a limited time only maybe but MINE none the less :).

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